Sanibest Pro Toilet with Grinder Series Pump


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26 Reviews

Sanibest Pro Toilet with Grinder Series Pump


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26 Reviews


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BrandSanifloShop All Saniflo
CollectionSanibestShop All Sanibest
Model NumberSaniBest
Alternative SKUSaniflo 013-003-005, Saniflo 013-007-005

Install a Toilet Anywhere You Want. A Recommended for Intensive Use.

Installing a bathroom where you want is often difficult and sometimes even impossible. The main drainpipe is either too far away, or the new bathroom or sink will be lower than the drainpipe, making conventional installation unworkable.

Unlike the rest of the Saniflo pump range which work on a macerator, the Sanibest uses an actual grinder system. The Sanibest is meant for situations where what goes down the toilet is out of your control. It is ideal for rental units, offices, warehouse and public bathrooms. The Sanibest was created to deal with foreign sanitary articles that were flushed down the toilet.

The sanibest allows you to install a bathroom 18 feet below the sewer line or 150 feet away from the soil stack. It can handle gray water waste from a toilet, sink, bathtub, shower and even a washing machine when connected through an indirect connection.
Key features:

  • Build a complete bathroom 18 feet below the sewer line or 150 feet away from a soil stack.
  • Simple installation- only 4 connections to install
    • The grinder pump is connected to the spigot of a horizontal rear discharge toilet
    • The toilet tank is connected to the water supply
    • The grinder pump is connected to the small diameter discharge pipe work
    • The grinder pump is connected to the electrical supply
  • 10-20 second operating cycle resulting in minimal power consumption
  • Sanibest automatically adjusts the input rate from other fixtures (priority to toilet water)

The inside of the Sanibest is comprised of a pressure chamber, which starts and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the stainless steel cutting blade and the pump. When the flush is activated, the water flowing into the Sanibest activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which in turn starts the motor. The motor is sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure. A common spindle/shaft drives the impeller and the blades. The moving parts therefore are kept to an absolute minimum. Water and organic waste matter, enter the chamber and are reduced to slurry as the blades rotate at 3600 RPM. The reduced solids are picked up at the bottom and the impeller mounted beneath the motor ejects the waste.
Additional plumbing fixtures Sanibest supports:

  • Sink
  • Urinal
  • Bidet
  • Washer (sink or tub required)
  • Shower (base required)
  • Tub (base required)

The discharge elbow on top of the Sanibest can be rotated 360 degrees depending on the discharge installation. A non-return valve (included in assembly) prevents back flow into the unit.
This incredible, unique system lets you install an entire bathroom in formerly unworkable or impractical spaces.

This Sanibest set includes the grinder pump and Saniflo rear spigot toilet

Two toilet styles are available. Please select style from the options:

  • Vitreous china tank and bowl with round front
    • 16-3/4 inches (seating height)
    • 26-1/2 inches (overall depth)
  • Vitreous china tank and elongated bowl
    • 16-3/4 inches (seating height)
    • 28-1/2 inches (overall depth)
    • Toilet Bowl is ADA Compliant (tank is not)

      Toilet Features:
      • Insulated tank
      • Lever handle plastic, white
      • Toilet tank/bowl screws comes with washers and wing nuts
      • 1 year Warranty on china
      • Optional Extension pipe available for remote mounting of pump
      • Free Toilet Seat included with purchase
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Questions and Answers

There are 7  questions about this item
Does this Toilet take a standard size toilet seat?

Yes, a standard toilet seat will work. We offer a seat with an EZ close feature.

Can the SaniBest be connected to any other plumbing fixtures?

The SaniBest can be connected to the following: Toilet, Sink, Shower, Bathtub, Laundry Sink and Washing Machine. The washing machine requires an indirect connection.

Can this toilet be used in commercial applications.

Yes. In commercial applications plumbing codes require the elongated bowl.

Whats the difference between this and the SaniPlus?

The most significant difference is that the SaniBest incorporates an actual grinder system as opposed to just the macerator the rest of the pump range uses. This toilet is meant for situations where you will not have control over it (rental unit, office, warehouse).

How do I get the Sanitop started? Is their a button or something?

The unit starts when you flush the toilet. When the flush is activated, the water flowing into the SaniTop activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which in turn starts the motor.

Can we attach other plumbing fixtures to the unit.

You can attach a toilet and a sink to the SaniTop. The waste charge from the other plumbing fixtures is discharged into the SaniTop through a 1 1/2" inlet on the top of the unit.

Can I use this with any toilet?

The Sanitop unit must be connected to the SaniFlo rear discharge toilet.

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Saniflo   SaniBest   Reviews

This item currently has 26  reviews

easy installation, flawless performance

Michael from GA —

Bought 2 for a commercial space (Dance Studio). 3 months in and everything has been great. We did use the extension pipe to hide the pumps behind the wall.

Greg from DE —
Quick and Reliable

This is my 2nd Saniflo purchase and it is working wonderfully for my tenants. I have connected it to the Shower and sink in both units. It is a quick install and looks great. The only thing that I do not like is that it is loud when you flush the toilet but it only sounds that way for about 5 seconds.

Novella from GA —
New Basement Bath

The Saniflo Sanibest Pro Toilet with grinder with shower came within a few days from placing the order and was packed so that there were no damages to anything. I made a new bath in our basement and did all the installation of the bath myself. Everything was explained well in the directions and has worked well now for almost a year. I use the bathroom every day and am well pleased with it. Teenage Grandchildren use the basement now when they visit and the bath works as it should for them. This gives us another guest room when family comes. Thank you.

Kenny from GA —

the toilet works really good and it's really convenient

Melanie from NY —
Outstanding Product a Best Bet

I spent over $30,000.00 to construct my theater room, bedroom and full bathroom in the basement of my townhouse. I considered my options as to either destroy the concrete floor in my new home or find a "pump up" system. I searched the internet and found the perfect system for me. Hands down the SaniBest System was the best choice for me. It actually took my plumber 1 day to install and was ready for use that night. No mess nor major construction time. No waiting for concrete to dry. I would recommend the SaniBest System to anyone. I actually have a toilet, vanity sink, shower and and bar sink routed into the SaniBest System. The unit handles the large volumes of water with very little noise. The bathroom is a compliment to my theater room and I have received several compliments with the system and the added beauty to my bathroom. I have already recommend this system to several of my friends and I am sure they will be as happy as i am.

George from NY —
The Saniflo unit was a economical solution to our situation.

I installed the Saniflo toilet in my recent basement bathroom construction. We attached a shower, sink, and toilet to the system. The Saniflo unit and plumbing was run inside the walls. I had the system installed by a professional plumber. Even though it says in the manual you can do this yourself, I don't see how that is possible. We have a septic tank and the Saniflo unit had to be connected to the plumbing correctly and to code. Since our septic tank is above the basement, without a good plumber with KNOWLEDGE of macerator units and routing, this could be a real problem. I do think it is misleading that Saniflo markets the unit with a self-installation option. My father is a retired pipefitter and he looked at it and said it needed a professional. I do think most people putting in this unit would be in a situation where they don't have "easy" plumbing, and this needs to be better clarified in the advertising. Other than that, the unit seems to be working correctly. We use it about 2 days/week, but it is a bit noisier than expected. It was a better option for us than digging out the concrete foundation and installing plumbing (a MAJOR cost). The Saniflo unit was a economical solution to our situation. Overall, we give it a 4 out of 5 stars. The only drawbacks being the noise and the misleading information about self-installation.

Kelly H. from —
Excellent service!

I purchased a Sanibest system from Quality Bath. The price was among the lowest I found on the internet. Everything arrived as promised in good condition. I installed the system myself and it has been up and running now for 4 months. Everything works great! I have had absolutely no problems. It was a great alternative to concrete demolition and replumbing. Excellent service!

Brad Butzin from —
We've had no problems with the saniflow

We purchased the saniflo system from you a couple of years ago and are very pleased with the system. We were renovating a historic carriage house on the back of our lot (turning it into a guest room) and because it's not on a foundation, we didn't have the percent of grade running from the house to the city sewer system that we needed to put in a conventional toilet. Additionally, we found out that the saniflo (which can be run through flexible tubing) is perfect for places where conventional piping won't work. Conventional pipes were too large in diameter to run across a hatch access where the water heater is located, but the saniflow tubing worked just fine. conventional pipes would have run across the top to the hatch, meaning there wouldn't be enough space at the top of the hatch to carry out or install a new water heater if ever needed. We've had no problems with the saniflow system and apparently there's no maintenance to keep up with other than to put in a de-scaler of some sort once a year to help keep calcium and other heavy mineral deposits out of the system. We use the same de-scaler for the saniflow that we use for our hot tub.

Dagny K from —
best price and extremely heavy duty packing

I just finished my basement bathroom, where I used the toilet (Sanibest). Sewer system in my area is above the basement floor, so I had either to rip the concrete floor and lay pipes into existing sump and replace sump pump with ejector pump (expensive) and change 1-1/2 with 2" pipe, or use Saniflo with easy piping above the floor for shower and sink only. Worked perfect. The Saniflo pump is behind wall, in under stairs closet, there is no visible pipes. The only indication for different setup is the shower stall raised about 7" off the floor. I would like to praise Quality Bath for best price and extremely heavy duty packing in two large boxes with thick packing foam all around. Thanks - great job.

Les W. from —
Top notch quality!

I installed a Saniflo Grinder Toilet from Quality Bath in my basement over two years ago and it is the best toilet in my home, which include a Kohler Trocadero and a dual flush Toto. I did not have to tear up the floor and deal with a plumber or other contractors. This toilet gets used every day and it is astounding how trouble-free it is. One flush and that's it! I have to admit, I have been very surprised as well as pleased with this purchase because I had never heard of this type of toilet until I did some research. Top notch quality!

George from —
Saniflo Customer Support was extremely helpful

I had converted a garage into a master bedroom suite a couple of years ago, but was unable to add a desired bathroom due to the location of the proposed bath and my existing sewer drain lines. I would have had to jackhammer approximately 15 feet of concrete and install a lift station to allow for a standard toilet system – the cost of which would have been exorbitant. After substantial online research into alternative solutions, I settled on the Saniflo Sanibest system. I installed this by myself (Purchasing Agent by trade) and, so far, am very pleased with the performance. (It’s been in service for about 8 months). My system supports a vanity sink and shower, as well. I’ve attached a couple of photos of the finished installation. I had a couple of questions before/during installation, and the Saniflo Customer Support was extremely helpful, and I never once had to wait to speak with a representative. Of course, as with any such purchase, my only concern is that support/parts, etc. will still be available for this system 10+ years down the road. We’ll just have to wait and see how that goes. All in all, I would highly recommend this system, and feel that anyone with basic handyman skills could successfully install it.

David D. from TX —
after more than a year we are pleased with the system

We installed a half bath in our basement adjacent to our family room. We have a vanity with sink and Sanibest toilet. I constructed the room and had a registered plumber do the rough in plumbing and final installation and plumbing after completion of the finish work was completed. The system has functioned as advertised and after more than a year we are pleased with the system. Quality Bath delivered the system as promised and it was received in excellent condition. I would recommend Quality Bath and the Saniflo Sanibest to my friends and relatives.

Bob B. from PA —
I would recommend it to anyone who wants to install a toilet and sink anywhere.

I have been using the Saniflo Sanibest for about 6 months and it works great. I was a little unsure when I first found it on line. But after reading about it I order one. It was easy to install took my plumber about 2 hours instead of the two days for a normal up flush, we also installed two sinks to the unit. I have had no problem with it. It's quit when in use and does not waste water. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to install a toilet and sink anywhere.

Lou D. from NJ —
I have been very pleased with my saniflo unit

I have been very pleased with my saniflo unit so far, the unit works great, the installation was of medium difficulty, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering adding a bathroom to their home in as non invasive way as possible.

Raymond F. Jr. from NY —
was very easy to install

I ordered the Saniflo for a customer so I haven't actually used one. I can say my Husband, the Plumber said it was very easy to install and he speaks very highly for them. The house is on a lake where the saniflo is all the way down a hill. The customer wanted nothing but a saniflo. Also, your Company was very helpful and cheerful. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Terri from FL —
I find the Saniflo system to be A#l

I find the Saniflo system to be A#l. It works flawlessly. We installed a bathroom in the basement with a shower, tub, double sinks, and a toilet. I am on a septic system and the unit liquefies all the waste that is expelled in the system. Since it is liquefied, I think it really helps my septic system so that it doesn’t have to break down the solids in the septic system. The flush-up system works great, but you need to run a dedicated vent all the way up to the roof. This may require more effort than the actual installation of the system, but makes it work much more efficiently than trying to use “cheater” vents, which the instructions caution you not to use them. FOLLOW THEIR ADVISE IN THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND YOU WILL HAVE NO PROBLEMS. We have now used the system for 14 months with no problems. We have had absolutely no sewage odor in the house from this system. I highly recommend this system because it is compact and you do not need a built-up platform for the toilet as you do for some other systems. (This is especially valuable when height in a basement can be a problem.)

Bruce W. from NY —
I am very happy.

My sanibest installation was done by a licensed plumber according to instructions I provided after studying the installation manual. I found the installation manual excellent and very helpful. With slightly more confidence, I would possibly have been able to do this install myself. The SaniBest unit supports a Saniflo toilet, a sink and a utility sink that receives the outflow from my washer. The unit works for 3+ mo now without any problems. I am very happy. We required a pump/macerating system since we need to install a small bathroom for a basement job that was under the sewer line. The connection to the sewer is ~ 7 ft in horizontal distance and 5ft vertical.

Luk from PA —

Prior to purchasing, I did quite a lot of research on various pump-up toilets. Additionally, I spoke w/ 3 professional plumbers and asked their advise/opinion. 2 had experience installing Saniflo products and recommended it. The 3rd did not have personal experience, but had heard good things about them; he asked another plumber who gave it a thumbs up. I purchased the SaniBest to be installed in a basement. The current discharge to sewer is ~ 4 feet above the floor and the bathroom (being constructed is ~18' from the discharge). In addition to the toilet, a shower and lavatory will be installed, all pumped by the SaniBest. I liked the heavy-duty construction of the unit, small diameter discharge (simplifying plumbing) and ease of installation (all above ground-no digging into foundation or boxing out the holding tank). Lastly, the cost of the unit (including toilet) was comparable to what could be purchased in a box store, but I (and consulted plumbers) believe the quality is far superior and ascetically, I liked the looks better than units that sit on top of holding tanks. I will not be installing the SaniBest behind a wall, because I wanted easy access in case there were any problems down the line and being a basement bathroom, I was not as concerned about a 'classy look' but opted for function over form. So, I will have some exposed connecting pipes, but may choose to box them out in the future if I feel the unit holds up well.

Christopher from PA —
I am completely satisfied with the Saniflo system I installed in my basement

As of today I am completely satisfied with the Saniflo system I installed in my basement (new bathroom). Although it does not operate on a daily basis, when needed it has operated efficiently. I would like to know if there is a product that I can add to my "flushed water" to efficiently "clean out" the macerbating unit?

Harry from PA —
one of my best decisions made last year

The Saniflo system I purchased was easy to install, and has preformed flawlessly. It has been one of my best decisions made last year.

Gerald from IL —
very pleased with the function of the product

I purchased a SaniBest system to create a basement bathroom that has a sink, toilet and shower.  Installation was fairly simple and it has been trouble free for over a year and a half of operation. 2 points I would mention that I did not know about before purchase that may help other prospective customers: 1. Venting: The unit, in this country by code, is designed to be vented to the septic venting system in the house.  Ours was not accessible from where the pump is so I created a crude bladder system.  My system would benefit from some "R&D" by Saniflow and it would be nice to see this offered as a commercial product. 2. Noise:  The noise is louder than expected although tolerable, and I have the pump on the other side of the insulated bathroom wall.  No real information was provided about noise before purchase. 3. Outlet connection:  It is designed to be so universal that I don't think any of the connections are that robust, and this is clearly the most important fitting in the entire system.  I ended up having to use 2 hose clamps in order to get a good seal. So overall I am very pleased with the function of the product.

JB from MD —
I highly recommend this product.

I saved at least $3,000 with my Saniflo toilet in my basement. No tearing up the floor, which made the installation very clean and neat. I have had it for almost two years and it performs perfectly. It never gets clogged like gravity flow toilets. I highly recommend this product.

George from MO —
a good investment

The saniflo toilet we purchased worked great..It turned a section of our garage into a working full bath with a sink and shower all plumbed thru it. It allowed my elderly father in law to have his own bath and move into our home so we can take care of him. My only complaint is the slight smell from the unit..even though I have it vented properly. Also the water level warning device would be a nice standard addition...especially in my case because it is on a GFI circuit witch...if it is tripped..the pump has no power....That has happened..but I caught it before a disaster.  But in general it flushes well and is not to loud...a good investment. It easily plumbed into a drain where a laundry tub previously was located.

Roy from FL —
I am extremely happy with their performance.

I have 3 different types of Saniflo pumps all working in a basement. I am extremely happy with their performance. 1) SaniBest - Handles an American Standard Whirlpool, Toilet, Dishwasher and Kitchen Sink effortlessly. Fantastic pump 2) SaniShower - Handles a Vanity Sink and an A/C Condensate Pipe effortlessly. Fantastic pump. 3) SaniPump - Handles a Washing Machine and Slop Sink effortlessly. Fantastic pump.-      Key seems to be following the instructions supplied by the manufacturer when installing these pumps. Only suggestion I have is that they should make a BATTERY BACKUP to make these pumps work in case of power failure. Maybe you can recommend that to your representative from Saniflo Systems. Thank you, Matthew

Matthew P from NY —
We couldn't be happier with the product.

We have a finished family room in our basement and wanted to add a half bath, but the floor is below the sewer stack. Last year I framed out the room and had a local plumber do the rough plumbing, then finished the room and had the plumber come back and do the final plumbing and installation of our Sanibest toilet. We have had many compliments about the toilet and bath room. My brother-in-law has since installed the Sanibest toilet in his basement as well. We couldn’t be happier with the product.

Bob from PA —

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