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QualityBath.com pulls out all the stops so that you receive exactly what you ordered, in perfect condition, when you were told to expect it.

Our system has a track record of working flawlessly virtually every time. In the exceptionally rare circumstances where it does not, we do what we reasonably can to make you happy.

Unfortunately, however, we must set certain guidelines on how we can process returns, refunds, replacements, damages and cancellations. Understandably, a free-for-all system would hinder our ability to serve our customers well and offer rock bottom pricing.

Your cooperation and foresight will help you tremendously. Please review the following guidelines and instructions and follow them carefully. If you ever have any questions on this matter, we look forward to helping you. Please call 800-554-3210 or email



QualityBath.com sells lots of unique products that are manufactured just for you.

Generally, the only time we can process a return or warranty – per the necessary conditions - for these is if we sent you the wrong product, or if it arrived damaged or defective. Otherwise, cancellations or returns cannot be accepted for any tubs, many specialty items, special finishes, as well as any other items that are produced based on customer order. Some specialty products can be cancelled and/or returned, but they incur a higher restocking fee and/or are subject to other restrictions in the process.

Products from the following manufacturers are non-cancellable, non-returnable or subject to special restrictions. Please verify cancellation and return policy on any product, from any manufacturer, before completing your order.

Specialty and Tub Manufacturers

  • Afina
  • Altmans
  • Ambella
  • American Standard
  • Aquatic
  • California Faucets
  • Century
  • DreamLine
  • Duravit
  • Dvontz
  • Elite Bath
  • Empire
  • Estiluz
  • Eurostyle
  • Fairmont
  • Foremost
  • Glass Crafters
  • Grohe
  • Hansgrohe
  • Herbeau
  • Houzer
  • Hydro Systems
  • Icera
  • Ital Brass
  • Jacuzzi
  • Julien
  • Kalco
  • Kimball and Young
  • Linnea
  • Nameeks
  • Neo Metro
  • Newport Brass
  • Maax
  • MGS
  • Mountain Plumbing
  • Myson
  • MTI
  • Palmer
  • Panasonic
  • Robern
  • Rubinet
  • Runtal
  • Santec
  • Samuel Heath
  • Sigma
  • Steamist
  • Thermasol
  • Vibia
  • Watermark
  • Waterstone
  • WET
  • Whitehaus
  • Wilshire

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How can I best ensure that my order arrives as it should?

When you place an order with QualityBath.com, it is with the understanding that you have read all relevant company policies and consider them to be binding. Review terms and policies before you confirm your order.

Once you confirm an order, it is required that you carefully review the detailed order confirmation email we send you. If there is anything that you would need corrected or changed, that can generally only be accommodated if you take the necessary action promptly at that point.

How do I know that a product will work well in my home?

Carefully review product specs and ensure that it fits within your dimensions, is compatible with your fittings and meets local building code. Our sales team will be glad to help you if you have any questions. It is highly recommended that you check in advance with a professional plumber as well. QualityBath.com cannot be held responsible for any mistakes you may make in this regard.

Please be particularly vigilant that the product is right and in perfect condition before you begin installation. Once the installation process began, QualityBath.com cannot accept returns in any situation other than where there is a mistake or damage that could not have been noticed prior to the installation process.

What must I do when my order is delivered?

A couple of simple steps must be followed in order for us to be able to assume responsibility in the event that there is any damage to your product(s).

Please note that when you ask a child, neighbor, relative, housekeeper or anyone else to accept your order - it is your responsibility to ensure that they follow proper procedure. Their actions/inactions affect you the same as if you were there and did the same yourself.

For larger products, which are shipped via LTL freight delivery service: Please open the box and inspect the product in the presence of the delivery driver. If there is any damage, you must note that on the delivery receipt that the driver will ask you to sign, and refuse the order if possible. Then, notify QualityBath.com immediately. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any claims for damage if no damage was noted on the delivery receipt.

In the event that you are unable to inspect product(s) immediately upon delivery (i.e. the driver doesn’t let you inspect the inner contents because box looks okay from the outside), note “Subject to Inspection” on the delivery receipt. Inspect promptly after driver left. If you find any issues, we must be notified within a few hours.

For smaller products, shipped via FedEx/UPS Ground, which do not require a signature upon delivery, you do not need to open the box immediately when delivered. However, you will need to inspect the product within 24 hours of delivery. If you believe that there is any mistake or damage, please notify us promptly. We cannot assume any responsibility once 24 hours have passed since your order was delivered.

In all cases, the product(s) must be returned in as new condition.

How can I make sure that you will accept my return?

What if I believe that you sent me the wrong product(s)?

When you place an order with QualityBath.com, you will receive an order receipt via email that includes all specifications of your order. If the product you receive does not match all those specifications, please contact our team promptly. Digital photos will be required.

If we or the manufacturer indeed made a mistake, we will get the return process rolling. You will be issued a full refund and we will cover return shipping costs, provided that all terms and conditions were met. Please note that you will be charged for any replacement products immediately when they ship, even if the return process for the original was not yet completed and the refund was not yet issued.

Please note that the product colors you see on your screen can vary slightly from the actual product color due to varying monitor settings and/or screen resolutions. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for these variations.

What happens if something looks damaged when it arrives?

It happens during less than 1% of deliveries, but some orders can arrive with cracks, chips, scratches or other physical damage. In virtually all cases, these damages occur during shipping and handling, despite the sophisticated protective techniques we utilize.

If you see damage on the outside shipping box, that usually indicates that there is damage inside the packaging as well. If you notice external damage to your shipment, when your order is delivered, please leave packaging as is, note the damage on delivery receipt, refuse the shipment, and notify us within 24 hours.

If the outside packaging looks okay and you then notice damage once you opened the box, please take digital photos. If still possible) refuse the shipment. Contact us immediately to detail the damage and provide our team with the photos. We will work to get you a replacement product as quickly as reasonably possible. Please note that you will be charged for any replacement products immediately when they ship, even if the return process for the original was not yet completed and the refund was not yet issued.

All guidelines must be followed carefully.

What must I do when my order is delivered?

Can I cancel an order once it was confirmed?

If you notify us of your wish to cancel an order before it was shipped by either our warehouse or the manufacturer, you are in luck!

We will offer you a full refund and our customer service representatives will be glad to assist you with finding the perfect replacement if you wish.

Understandably, this only applies to products that can be cancelled. Shipping schedules vary greatly between products, so please make sure to check the status of your order to ensure that you can still cancel.

Please note that no order is considered canceled until you receive an official cancellation confirmation from us via email.

Can I return an order that was already shipped?

If item is returnable and you contact us within 30 days, we will be glad to accommodate you.

However, due to manufacturers' charges, we must charge a restocking fee of 20% or more, depending on the product. You are also responsible to pay for original and return shipping costs. When product is received back, we will issue a refund for the remainder of your original charge, provided that all terms and conditions were met.

What happens when I request to return a product?

If return is approved, we will send you a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form along with return instructions via email within 14 days.

How can I make sure that you will accept my return?

If all terms are met for your return to proceed, the other key is that you send product(s) back in a condition in which the manufacturer considers it to be as new.

The only purpose for which you should handle the product(s) should be for inspection and/or repackaging (if necessary). Other than that, leave it untouched.

The unused product(s) must be packaged in its original product box exactly as it was packaged when you received it. If necessary, you can use a different larger box in which to place the product box. However, you must make sure that it is filled with the same bubble wrap, foam or other protective material, in the same manner, as the package was delivered to you.

Make sure to carefully review and follow all instructions that we send to you, as well as those listed on this website.

Products that are shipped to you via freight must be shipped back via UPS, FedEx, or a reputable LTL freight shipping company - traceable and insured. We cannot assume any responsibility for damage or loss along the way.)

How can I locate a missing order?

There are some orders, particularly of smaller products, that do not require a signature upon delivery. QualityBath.com will always notify you when your order has shipped and provide you with tracking information. Please keep up to date on your order’s delivery progress and retrieve it promptly upon delivery.

If you cannot find an item that was recorded as delivered, please notify us promptly within 24 hours. Most likely, there was a misunderstanding or misplacement by your spouse, neighbor, housekeeper, neighbor, etc. Our team has heard it all by now and we’ll work with you to get to the bottom of it.

Unfortunately, however, we cannot issue any refunds or replacements for an order that the delivery company recorded as delivered, even if it was lost or stolen after delivery. If you would like a signature to be required upon delivery, kindly request that at the time you place your order.

What if I realize that a product doesn’t work properly?

If your product is in perfect physical condition, but it does not work properly, it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact us as soon as possible and tell us what the defect is. Digital photos will be required as well.

Our goal is that you get what you ordered in perfect working condition as soon as possible. QualityBath.com does not offer our own warranty, but we are glad to help you through the manufacturer’s warranty process.

Please note that you will be charged for any replacement products immediately when they ship, even if the return process for the original was not yet completed and the refund was not yet issued. Unfortunately, under no circumstances is QualityBath.com liable to compensate for any costs other than the cost of the product and standard shipping.

How long does it take until I receive my refund credit?

Refunds are issued per customer’s method of payment, typically a credit to your credit card. Credit is once product has been received back and it has been verified that all return/cancellation conditions were met. It may take up to several weeks until this process is complete.

There was a mistake or damage in my order that was not my fault. My contractor says that I’ll incur additional charges because this delayed the entire process. Can I receive compensation?

Unfortunately, QualityBath.com can never assume responsibility for anything beyond the cost of the product ordered and any standard shipping expenses.

Such predicaments are extremely rare. The best way to completely avoid them is to place your order enough in advance so that there’s time to deal with any unexpected developments as well.

Disclaimer: In the event that an order cannot be processed as noted on the website, such as due to a pricing error, QualityBath.com reserves the right to cancel the order and issue a full refund to customer.

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