Sanicompact 48 One piece Toilet with Macerating built into base


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Sanicompact 48 One piece Toilet with Macerating built into base


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25 Reviews

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Model Number023

The Sanicompact is a self contained system that is used to install a half-bathroom up to 9 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 120 feet away from a soil stack. The Sanicompact can handle the effluent from a toilet and sink for residential applications.

The Sanicompact is a combination of a vitreous china toilet bowl and macerator/pump built into one compact unit. This modern shaped self-contained china toilet is especially designed with several ideas in mind:

  • For situations where there is not enough space.
  • As a toilet that uses a minimum amount of water.
  • As a toilet for use with people that have physical limitations.

The Sanicompact needs no gravity flow tank as the flushing action and macerating pump cycle is automatic after pressing a push button on top of the bowl. The flushing mechanism is electrically timed to allow water to pass through the toilet.

By pressing the push button, this activates a timer and a solenoid valve in order to fill and wash the sides of the bowl. The motor starts and the waste and paper are sucked inside where it is macerated and pumped away. The motor stops after approximately 10-15 seconds and the timer programs the refill of the bowl with fresh water.

The standard dual flush version uses 1.28 gpf (4.8 lpf) and 1 gpf (3.8 lpf). To choose either option, the unit is provided with a dual push button. This option allows using less water than any regular toilet but with the same efficiency.

The inside of the Sanicompact comprises of a pressure switch and circuit board assembly, which starts and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the blade and the pump. The motor is sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure. A common spindle/shaft drives the impeller and the macerator blades. The moving parts therefore are kept to an absolute minimum. Water and organic waste matter, enter the chamber and are reduced to slurry as the macerator blades rotate at 3600 RPM. The reduced solids are picked up and the impeller mounted beneath the motor ejects the waste. The unit pumps the effluent upward to 9 feet and/or 120 feet horizontally (with gravity fall).

The discharge elbow on the back of the Sanicompact can be rotated 360 degrees to fit any type of installation required. A non-return valve, which comes already assembled on the discharge elbow, prevents back flow into the unit.

The Sanicompact is a forced main and does not need to be vented and connected to a vent stack. Other fixtures may need to be vented as per local plumbing codes.

It is also highly recommended for the macerator/pump to be connected to a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) circuit.

The Sanicompact consists of a toilet bowl and motor assembly. The toilet seat is also included.


Questions and Answers

There are 9  questions about this item
Can the SaniCompact work with other sanitary fixtures?

Yes, a sink can be connected to the SaniCompact.

How is this unit so compact?

The SaniCompact combines the toilet and macerator into one unit. The macerator is built into the base.

What are the pros of this toilet?

This toilet is extremely compact so its perfect for bathrooms which are tight on space. It also uses a minimum amount of water and is a good option for people with physical limitations.

How much water does the toilet use?

This toilet uses a minimal amount of water, approximately 1.1 gallons (4 liters).

Does this need a vent.

The SaniComapact does not need a vent since it is a self contained unit.

What is the size of the discharge pipe?

The discharge pipe is 1" diameter.

If hooking up a sink to this Sanicompact, then what size pipe would have to be used running from the sink to the toilet?

1 1/2" pipe from the sink to the toilet.

Does this include the seat?

The Sanicompact comes with a seat included.

How mush does this unit weigh?

Denise the weight on this is about 70 lbs.

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Saniflo   023   Reviews

This item currently has 25  reviews
Macerating Toilet

Fast Shipping easy install love this toilet for a basement..

Shelley from MD —
Get toilet from a great company

Excellent toilet, well packaged and fast delivery!

Russell from OK —

Everything went well with regard to installing the product. I could have used a little more precise info on the plumbing since I'm not that skilled but I got thru it. Once installed everything seemed to be working fine until I noticed water spilling onto the floor. Since it was already installed I had to pull it back up. the preinstalled black water supply hose was pointing sideways and was projecting water thru the overflow holes in the back of the unit. once I figured it out it was no big deal. I suggest that you not plug this line in. had I been left to do it myself it would have been done correctly. meantime I love my new basement toilet.

Thomas from IN —
Saniflo 023

A super item and price - customer relations excellent - prompt delivery - I would recommend this product, as well as Quality Bath. Thank you for making this experience one of my best internet purchases.

Frederick from PA —

Works great, had no problems at all. Installed it myself. Thanks

Tillman from CA —

A super tiem and price - customer relations excellent - prompt delivery - Wife is happy - and I don't have to be out back anymore.

James H. from NY —

I did not have a floor rough in in the concrete floor downstairs, so I purchased this toilet. It looks nice, is constructed well and allowed me to place it where it would work and look the best. I wish I could attach photos because the result was amazing.

Saniflo+023 from WA —
Toilet seat already broken

Bought this toilet about 3 months ago and just installed it. Had to adjust water inlet as it was pointed out the back of the toilet and soaked the walls!! The toilet seat is already broken and I don't think anyone has even sat on it yet!! Instructions are okay, but could use more detail. Overall I'll give it a 6 out of 10, the toilet does present nicely in a small space.

John from RI —
One of my best internet purchases

I put it in the basement laundry room along with a sink. I am very happy with the product. I was very impressed that it was delivered within three days of purchase. I would recommend this product, as well as, Quality Bath. Thank you for making this experience one of my best internet purchases.

David from PA —
Sanicompact toilet review...

The Sanicompact was the only easy way to add a toilet to the walk out basement of a rental house that I own. When I work in the yard, now I can take care of "business" without entering the tenant's quarters. Just to be sure, I keep it unpluged when I am not there just to be sure the wrong items are not flushed. The unit is very compact and the installation was not complicated. Luckily, I read past review about attaching the seat BEFORE the installation. That was the most difficult part of the process. If I ever wish to finish the basement, it would be easy to relocate the Sanicompact. I am happy with it!

Roy from GA —


Latisha from VA —
Installation was painless

The delivery of my purchase (the Saniflo Sanicompact 48) was within the 5 day standard delivery. Installation was painless and it's operation very acceptable.

Larry C. from —
I have never seen packaging done like this before.

As far as customer service with Quality Bath, from order processing, shipping & delivery time, you folks were almost as fast as I could have gone to a local store and gotten the Saniflo-Compact off the floor. I called in my order on one day and delivery was made in just about 48 hours later. Now that is fast! And that is from N.J. to upstate N.Y. and I mean really upstate---near the Canadian border. I have never seen packaging done like this before. Pobably the Saniflo Co. can be complimented for the complete four sides sprayed styrafoam --Being a ceramic product they probably have learned that packing was job 1 to prevent breakage in transit. However; that is about all I can say good about this product from the (design point of view). Who ever laid this product out on paper certainly never intended to install one of them their selves. Even though (compact) was the central point---I could not believe that so much poor design, and installer unfriendliness could be engineered into this product. Again, even with (compactness) in mind-- A third grader could have done a better job of designing instillation access and future maintenance with the same cubic inches than this engineered nightmare! One thing remains---how well the unit continues to perform? As of start up time everything is looking good --No complaints with flushing and I thought the noise to be little different than conventional toilets. I would not buy this Saniflo product again simply because of design flaws -(my opinion), But I am very satisfied with the purchasing process at Quality Bath.

Dean H. from NY —
The toilet is great

The toilet is great ,we use it all the time with no problems.The seat is another story.It continuosly falls off and I had to replace the hinges.The hinges that were on there were garbage and the bolt did not have enough threads to screw into.I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED .Your company needs to change this feature.

MICHAEL S. from NY —
The unit is very well made and attractive

We found out during the course of our renovations that ours is only the second Saniflo toilet installed in Austin, TX, and, as you would expect, there have been some pros and cons to our choosing Saniflo. First the pros: • The unit is very well made and attractive; • Going with a Saniflo instead of a conventional toilet saved us the cost of having a 4" drain line installed. Since the estimate for the drain line was $8,000 the savings were great. • Because the Sanifllo is more compact than a conventional toilet we were able to turn an existing closet off of the garage into a water closet. Now the Cons: • The Saniflo is noisy. Much louder than a conventional toilet. We feel that Saniflo should work on making it quieter. If we had known how loud it is we would have had some acoustic insulation installed during framing. • The installation instructions could be clearer. Our plumber had to rework the connections several times before everything was right. Better instructions and/or a toll-free number to call for answers to questions would have helped. • The last item is a small nit - what ungodly superglue did Saniflo use to attach the label on the front of the toilet base? The label was applied crookedly so we assume it was meant to be removed, but we haven't found anything that will dissolve the adhesive. I'll probably have to spend an hour on the floor, scraping with a razor blade, to get the majority of the adhesive off. That's about it. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Phillip S. from TX —
I am very pleased with the product.

I am very pleased with the product. There was a problem with the switching plug but we figured it out and it now works perfectly. I would recommend installing the toilet seat first.

Jim from TN —
I was very impressed with the fast delivery and packaging.

I was very impressed with the fast delivery and packaging. It was very safe and the delivery was very fast. The design is very eligant and this tiolet has been a great edition to our household. It surpassed all of our expectations!

Yuriy P. from NY —
Everything seems to work well.

The toilet was just installed 2 days ago. Everything seems to work well. There was a problem during installation. The unit did not initially work. A call into their tech center resolved that, however, I would suggest they provide better installation instructions on how to start it up. I will say that we needed to call their tech center twice and on both occasions we had a live person on the phone immediately. That was nice!

Mark from DC —
All in all I am very happy with the product.

I have only had the toilet installed for about one month. I am having an issue with it clogging, but I think there may be a dip in the line which I will have my plumber look into soon. I do not think it is a problem with the toilet. All in all I am very happy with the product. My new half bath is clean and uncluttered – the saniflo has a great compact shape which is perfect for the limited area I had to work with and completes the clean, uncluttered look. It is a little loud, but I knew that when I purchased it based on other reviews. It was worth a little extra noise every now and then to avoid going through the slab and possibly jeopardizing any structural integrity. I tied the sink into the toilet to drain. It makes the water in the trap gurgle when the toilet is flushed which is a little annoying. If I had known that I would have had the sink ran directly to the septic. Also when using the sink, the toilet will flush to expel the water once it reaches a certain level. The first time it did that I had the lights out and it scared me to death – so just know that happens. I am 100% happy with purchasing through Quality Bath. They had the best price (which included the toilet seat – other sites make you purchase separately for around $40), shipping was super fast and the product was packaged exceptionally well, I paid no tax or shipping so I saved even more. The customer service is excellent. I will not hesitate to recommend Quality Bath.

Sherry S. from TN —
I am very pleased with my Saniflo Compact

I am very pleased with my Saniflo Compact it operates smoothly and efficiently as advertised, however installation was quite the challenge. The instructions that come with the product need to be more explicit in the text area, as the photos proved to be somewhat misleading. I was fortunate enough to have been alerted that the demonstration truck was going to be at Eastway Plumbing Supply here in Columbus while my plumber was doing the rough-in work, and we could see the operational system before we completed the install. Between that and a couple of calls to the help number, it's in and working well.

BoB R. from OH —
Definitely a “wife approved” purchase!

First I want to compliment Quality Bath for extremely fast order processing and shipping. Saniflo toilet was extremely well packed and arrived just two days after the order was placed. As for the device itself, it’s fantastic. Installation went smoothly, and the unit functions well. Saniflo system allowed us to create a ½ bath on the 2nd floor of a small, 1930’s cape which otherwise would have been virtually impossible to plumb. Definitely a “wife approved” purchase!

Gil B. from RI —
Happy with functionality,it is fairly noisy.

So far I am happy with the saniflo functionality except that it is fairly noisy and sounds like a garbage disposal when I run water. This has been a big disapointment. Is there any way to get rid of this sound?

Victoria from NJ —
Installations would not have been economically possible without  the use of your units.

I have installed 2 saniflo units in 2 different homes. They both are working well. They have not been in use long enough to determine if they will work well with out  possibly people flushing incorrect items down them and clogging the units or exit piping. But both installations would not have been economically possible without  the use of your units. Enjoy the New Year

Robert from NY —
working  great

So far so good with the purchase I made with Saniflo.  The only small problem I had was the installation of the toilet seat.  (sounds crazy but true)  No easy way to attach the seat.  Everything else is working good at this time.  The purchase was made for a basement area and is working  great.

Scott from AL —
fulfilled our christmas dreams

This Christmas was the fulfillment of my dream, to have a finished attic with beds for my adult daughters, and a half-bath, so that when they come to spend the holidays and vacations, they have a space all their own. Our 1933 house did not have the space in the basement plumbing to cut a new line into the existing stack. Being in a crawl space, we did not have the option to dig a new line, either. There was, however, an old cast iron vent pipe, which ran through the attic. My plumber was able to hook up the small basin sink and the Sani-flo toilet using this vent pipe and now we have exactly what we needed. It was a lot of work cutting into the line and snaking it out, but the cost in the long run was worth it, to make another entire floor of my house, living space. I had a bit of difficulty attaching the toilet seat because it should have been put on before he plumbed it; the bolts run into the inside of the unit. It is a bit noisy, but I really do not mind it, I am so happy to have a toilet upstairs. Sincerely, Meryl Lee Steele

Meryl Lee from VA —

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