Shaws 30" Original Fireclay Apron Sink

30" W x 18" L x 10" H

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Sale ends February 08, 2016, 9:00 AM
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50 Reviews

Shaws 30" Original Fireclay Apron Sink

30" W x 18" L x 10" H

Extra 10% off all Rohl products
Sale ends February 08, 2016, 9:00 AM
$1,263.32    — 10% =  $1,136.99

Free Shipping

No sales tax outside NJ

50 Reviews

$1,263.32    — 10% =  $1,136.99

Free Shipping

No sales tax outside NJ

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Item Description

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BrandRohlShop All Rohl
CollectionShaws Shop All Shaws
Model NumberRC3018
Alternative SKURohl RC3018WH, Rohl RC3018PCT

The beautiful Shaws sink does not sacrifice quality for style. Made of Fireclay its designed for heavy use and resists scratches, thermal shock, alkaline and acids. Large enough to conceal a days worth of dishes, this sink will help you keep your kitchen looking perfectly tidy always. The sink is available in two colors; white and biscuit, with an option for a drain grid. This apron style sink looks great in both contemporary and country style kitchens.

  • Designed to withstand heavy use
  • No overflow
  • Suitable for waste disposal units or basket strainer waste
  • Standard 3 1/2" drain opening
  • Offset drain opening- can sometimes be to the right and sometimes to the left. If you need a specific side please specify in customer comments on the order page
  • Sink measures 30" x 18"
  • All dimensions +/- 2%

NOTE: Due to the sinks thickness, a basket strainer with a long neck or an extended flange will be required.

  • If the sink will be used with a Garbage disposal then either the MT202 or Rohl ISE10082 Extended flange is recommended.
  • If there will not be a garbage disposal with the sink then select a Rohl 733 basket strainer.

The WSG3018 stainless steel grid is recommended to avoid stains on the bottom of the sink.

View Product Specs
Sink TypeApron Sink
Overall Width30
Overall Length18
Inner Width26.75
Inner Length15.25
Bowl Depth8.5
InstallationApron Sink
Drain LocationOff Center Drain
Drain Size3.5
Number of BowlsSingle Bowl

Questions and Answers

There are 9  questions about this item
What exactly is fireclay? I keep hearing about fireclay sinks...

Fireclay is a heat resistant clay. It is also resistant to scratches, thermal shock, alkaline and acids.

What is a flange and why would I need it?

A flange is a piece of metal (or plastic) that is used to connect and hold the disposal to the sink. When purchasing a fireclay sink to be used with a garbaged disposal you will need to order an extended flange because of the sinks thickness.

I am looking at the specifications of this sink and it looks like the drain hole is not in the center. Is that on purpose?

Yes, The Shaws Original Fireclay sink features an offset drain. This is for aesthetic reasons and does not interfere with the sinks functionality.

It says on the site that the dimensions may vary by 2%. How do I install this sink properly if the dimensions may not be accurate?

Because fireclay sinks are hand poured there may be slight size variances in each one. We recommend that you have the sink on hand or shipped to your cabinet maker before ordering and completing your cabinet base.

What is the warranty on this sink?

Rohl offers a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects and a 10 years warranty on fading/staining.

Does this sink include installation instructions?

This sink does not include installation instructions as there is many ways to install it. The sink can be installed as an apron front, flushmount, undermount etc. You will need to make sure to have a support base for the sink due to the sinks weight.

How would I clean this sink?

Rohl says that you can use any standard household cleaner on this sink. You can also purchase a product from Rohl called Astonish that would be good for the fireclay sink.

Are there any suggestions on the cabinet mods?

Yes Rohl does recommend for the cabinet size to be a minimum of 36 for the RC3018.

Why do you need a sink grid? Does the bottom scratch easily? Also is the bottom of the sink on an angle toward the drain? Does the water flow toward the drain or us the bottom flat?

The sink does not scratch easily however, due to the nature of this delicate material, over time nicks or scratches can occur so we recommend getting the grid which will prevent that from happening. The bottom of the sink is flat.

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Rohl   RC3018   Reviews

This item currently has 50  reviews

Exceptional quality and top notch shipping.

Ian from WV —

Truly a quality product that we are extremely pleased with. Quality bath was very easy to work with and offered the best pricing we could find.

Chris from PA —
Don't Buy This Sink!

This is my second Rohl Shaws Fireclay Apron sink. The last one I had in my old house was beautiful for the 12 years I lived there. Then I moved and when we remodeled out kitchen 2 years ago I purchased the Fireclay Apron RC3018WH sink. First we noticed a chip in the sink, which was odd but we ordered an expensive repair kit for that. In the past 2 months the bottom is literally cracking across the bottom left side of this this sink with 3 more chips in the bottom now. Oddly enough, it isn't cracking on the side that got the first chip, but obviously something went terribly wrong in the firing of this unit. Unfortunately it only has a 1 year warranty for defects so I'm out $1,000. Don't buy this sink, invest in a manufacturer that has a longer warranty when you are spending this kind of money!

Jo Elworth from —

Beautiful sink, excellent product! Great shipping by quality bath.

Richard from VT —

We just recently installed this sink in our newly renovated kitchen. The sink is awesome! The size is perfect for washing large pots and pans.

William H from PA —
Go for it!

We looked at less expensive farmhouse style sinks while remodeling our kitchen. It can seem tempting to cut back and go for the cheaper versions but we are so glad we didn't fall into that mindset with this sink. The piece is amazing and knowing it has a quality name and craftsmanship behind it make it the show stopper that it is. Love this sink and wouldn't have anything else!

Clinton from KS —

This is a handmade sink The dimensions aren't as accurate. I had a little bit of problem with installation and gaps showing on each corner. Quality bath www cooperative but Rohl wasn't as much and gave run around and spent so much time going back and forth.

Hooman from NY —
Love this sink

It's beautiful, and exactly what we wanted.

Michele from ID —

I think this is the most useful upgrade in my new, but very small, kitchen. No dishdrainer or "pad" has been necessary. The grid in the bottom of my sink allows me to keep a corner unit in the sink with sponge and dish brush. The few things that don't go into the dishwasher I leave on the grid after I wash them and within a hour I can return them to the cupboard. They're dry! We changed very little in the kitchen and changes made just to accommodate my beautiful new farmhouse sink! It is glistening white and easy to maintain. YES!

Susanne Cameron from CA —

Our kitchen remodel is complete and our Rohl Shaws Apron sink is the focal point of the room! We couldn't be happier with it's function or beauty.

patricia from MN —

Beautiful sink - very classic and elegant looking!

Laura from NC —
Rohl RC3018WH

We Spent a ton of time looking for a sink for our kitchen remodel. Out of everything we looked at, my wife and I kept coming back to this sink and glad we did! It looks great and is the first thing people complement on when they come in the kitchen. Quality Bath had the best price that we could find by more then $100! Only complanit is that I wish Rohl would include the Sink Grid with the sink! Oh Well, love the sink anyways!

adam from IA —
Rohl apron sink

After searching the internet and calling all our local resources for this sink, I found the absolute lowest price at Quality Bath (by hundreds of dollars!). Ordering by phone was a snap; very helpful customer service. Delivery was as expected with no surprises. I would order again from Quality Bath and have recommended it to my friends.

Renee from CA —
Main Attraction!

My husband and I built our forever home. It has an open floor plan. When you walk into our house you can see into the kitchen. That is where my proud possession is....My Rohl Apron Farmhouse Sink is located. Everyone that walks in will go directly to this Awesome sink. It is large, easy to clean and I am so thankful we splurged just a little to purchase this beautiful Rohl. I would purchase again and again. I Highly recommend a Rohl! Not an imitation! Thank you Quality Bath for offering this sink and shipping it boxed and wrapped so well to prevent damage!! It is hard to call it a sink, to me it is a work of art!

Debbie from AL —
Beautiful and functional

Purchased this sink for my recent kitchen remodel. It is such a focal point of the room. Every woman that walks in immediately rushes to the sink! It is gleaming white and very easy to keep that way. Any size pan I need to scrub fits easily. Great for soaking laundry. Love the blue "Shaw's Original" emblem. I highly recommend this apron sink.

Peggy from WV —
pretty but doesn't drain well

The sink looks beautiful but the interior surface isn't sloped properly to drain well...water pools on sides and needs to pushed down drain manually, which is a major problem. Since it is installed, it would be very expensive to replace and install.

Shelley from CA —
great merchant

Great price. Great deal. Shipped and received very quickly. Love my Shaw's farmhouse sink

Nancy from CA —
Love this sink!!!

This apron sink is excellent! Beautiful in appearance and has excellent functionality. I have accidentally banged pots and pans in the sink without the slightest mark. Very easy to clean as well. Worth the cost!

Melissa from NJ —
gorgeous authentic farmhouse sink

I couldn't be more pleased with this sink - it is such a statement piece in my kitchen and complements the decor in every way. I was originally going with a stainless farmhouse sink, but because it was backordered, I went with my second choice. What was I thinking? this is the real deal and should have been my choice all along. While it costs a lot, it goes a long way toward your kitchen decor and will be the item everyone comments on. I clean mine with ajax powder and it comes out perfect. Make sure you purchase the custom drain because you will not be able to find it in the plumbing supply store. As well, I purchased the white grill for the bottom of the sink to avoid breakage. This is the real deal, make no mistake and it is SUPER HEAVY!!!

Jean from NY —

Love the sink, looks great. We shopped around using both local plumbing supply companies and online and Quality Bath was the best pricing on this and delivery was easy and quick. Thanks again.

Scott from NY —
Love this sink and Quality Bath service and price!

This beautiful sink was installed in my kitchen about a year ago, so I have actually had a chance to use it quite a bit. I had my heart set on this sink and on a Franke Faucet, both of which were pretty expensive and, living in an old farmhouse that seems to be under constant renovation and redecorating, both inside and out, I have to prioritize my expenditures. Well, I am really terrible at not getting exactly what I set my heart on, so the only alternative is to find a good deal! While planning my kitchen redo, I looked at Rohl (and other) farmhouse sinks, both online and locally, for months. Nothing else had quite the look of the Rohl and I could not find it for less than about $500-600 more than what I paid for it at Quality Bath. I also checked their feedback and compared to a similar online site, theirs was, by far, the better reviewed. I first called their 800 number to check availability and to ask some questions and then ordered online and chose the free shipping. I am pretty sure that, after ordering, the price went down about $60 from the original listed one which was a nice surprise. I made certain to be home for the delivery and that was a good thing. This is a heavy sink and the truck did not have a lift (I think that is part of the deal with free delivery). The very unhappy delivery guy seemed not to be aware of the fact that this was a ceramic sink and was prepared to slide it off the truck onto the ground at the side of my country road. I live in the middle of nowhere, so I was panicking! My wonderful neighbor and one of his workers came to the rescue and helped to lift it onto the back of my truck and then onto my porch until my carpenter (he had to bring a helper with him to help carry it also!) could deal with it. So, be prepared to be there and to have a couple of strong backs with you. All of this was so worth it because I absolutely love this sink. It is beautiful and functional. I bought a clear silicone pad for the bottom and did not opt for the ridiculously expensive and kind of ugly Rohr sink protector. The only teeny tiny issue is that you may have to dry the sink after using because of the handmade characteristics (and I have read this in other reviews) which cause it to sometimes drain unevenly. Again, I love this sink and am sooo happy that I chose it and that Quality Bath put it in my price range. (Not that it matters, but I live in NC- can't select the state on my iPad!)

Leslee from AL —

This an outstanding sink, the centerpiece of our redone kitchen. Have had it for almost a year now and it still looks flawless. No cracks or chips and we cook almost every night - lots of dirty pots and pans and near boiling water. One large sink is definitely the way to go. We set ours into a soapstone counter and it look beautiful. I would recommend the optional grate.

Timothy from VA —
Home owner of a 100 year old craftsman

We love our Fireclay Apron sink....we also did the Rohl sink drain, stainer. The remodel is not quiet finished but the sink is in and we could not be more pleased. We also did a wall mounted Rohl faucet and needed an extension. So we are waiting for that to arrive...probably will be here next week. Personally what I like is that you can walk up close to the sink and it totally saves my back when standing at the sink for a long time. My other favorite that we have grand-babies and it is very easy on your back to bath babies in the sink! Our last grand daughter was born at 1 lb 2 oz and is the sweetest little girl and is 14 lb and one and a half years old and still only 14 I may be bathing her in the sink until she is 5!!! Thank you so much for having the sink be our "signature" piece in our kitchen!

Patricia from WA —
New Rohl farm sink owner

My farmhouse sink has been installed for about 10 days with running water (I had almost given up on the running water part of the renovation). It is a delight to behold and to stand behind as I wash up. The Quality online folks were terrific. I ordered the sink grid and the extended flange as part of the initial orde; and these were well-advised. I am careful with the sink but would advise prospective buyers to consider that the sink feels slightly shallow. This means that water tends to splash up a bit more. And because of the flatness of the bottom, water also pools so you have to sort of push it towards the drain. That said, I am enjoying my purchase.

Carrie A from NY —
Sink delivered to Huntington Beach CA

The sink arrived very fast from the east coast (during hurricane Sandy no less). It was well packaged and delivered and showed up in perfect condition. The price was very competitive. We are very happy with it. Thank you

Agi from CA —

I love my new sink! It looks wonderful in my newly remodeled kitchen. Delivery was quick and effortless!

Stephanie from WA —

Great looking sink installed. High quality. I find it stains regularly, but nothing that SoftScrub cannot remove. Would recommend.

John from MD —
I had a wonderful experience working with Quality Bath.

I had a wonderful experience working with Quality Bath. When I ordered my sink and faucet, the customer service rep worked with me on the phone for over 45 minutes - he asked me a lot of questions to make sure the faucet I was ordering was the correct length for the sink and even though I had already measured, he insisted on measuring again himself (it took him 10 minutes to work up the specs) just to make sure I was getting the correct one (incidentally I would have ordered the wrong one without his interference). I was so impressed that he was that concerned about my order being perfect. We LOVE both the sink and the faucet and were so happy with the price and shipping speed. We have a bathroom renovation coming up in the next year and we will absolutely use Quality Bath to purchase our faucets and fixtures because our customer service experience was so fantastic.

Lynne M. from CA —

After researching farm sinks, I knew Rohl was the only way to go. The quality cannot be beat and Quality Bath's price and customer service were phenomenal. The delivery went without a hitch. The product was extremely well packed and there was no chance of damage. I look forward to using Quality Bath again when we renovate our bathrooms.

Jill from CT —
I LOVE the RC3018!

I absolutely LOVE the Rohl RC3018 fireclay sink!!!!!! I could not have chosen a more functionable as well as uniquely gorgeous sink. Thank you.

Kelly from IL —
What a beauty

My new farmsink made my kitchen worth the whole renovations, it was the icing on the cake. My farmsink makes a statement and that is .....look at me, pure and simply. I am so glad I was able to put the farmsink in my kitchen it is the focal point.

Patricia from NY —
Champagne taste on a beer bottle budget

Thanks to Quality Bath we were able to get the kitchen we dreamed of. We visited local showrooms to be sure of the finish and model of sink and faucet we wanted. Then ordered them from Quality Bath and installed them ourselves. Our Quality Bath sales rep even gave me essential tips on the install - like don't over tighten the garbage disposal ( which I've read has been a common mistake professional plumbers are making). Total savings on just the sink and faucet: $1200. We did hire granite installers to do the counter top. Added the back splash ourselves, under cabinet lighting, and installed a panel front dishwasher. Total budget for a kitchen makeover: $6000. Thank you QB!

Steve from MN —
The sink is beautiful

The sink is beautiful but it came with no care or installation instructions. No label or tags or anything. I would like some kind of information on how to care for the sink and it would be helpful for my contractor to have guidance on the installation.

Colleen from NY —
Beautiful sink!

I have had my Rohl sink for almost a year now and couldn't be happier! It is certainly one of the centerpieces of my kitchen. I baby it, though I probably don't have to be so careful because of its sturdy construction and clean white finish. I just make sure to keep it rinsed and purchased the grate to put in the bottom. My only disappointment was the fact that you had to purchase the extended flange drain that you can ONLY get from Rohl. Mine is the oil rubbed bronze finish and I am on my second one. The finish chips easily and my drain is even protected by the grate in the bottom. Quality Bath immediately sent a replacement after the first drain was chipped so badly but the second one has already begun to chip so Rohl has not addressed the problem. Quality bath is also an excellent company to order from!

Donna from TN —
Very happy

I'm lucky to have a sink like that. All my friend asking me where I got it from and they want to do the type of work that I did.

Kayling from CA —
the sink arrived in perfect condition

I was initially hesitant to order such a large item over the internet, and from a store I'd never dealt with before, because one can never be sure the item will arrive as advertised, with no defects. The people I spoke with at Quality Bath before placing the order couldn't have been more helpful. And the sink arrived in perfect condition. We purchased this sink for our lake cottage, and it is the first thing anyone sees on entering the house. Every visitor remarks on its beauty and authenticity to the period the house was built. It even fooled the assessor when she came to reappraise the house - she thought it was original! We love how solid and deep it is - perfect for washing large pots and pans. If we had it to do over again, we'd make the same choice of product and vendor - we were very happy with the quality of both.

Margaret S. from NJ —
I have always liked their Fire Clay sinks.

I have always liked their Fire Clay sinks. Suggestions- have the sink available for the cabinet maker to use in templating their cabinet detail. They vary in size and shape. It makes a real difference in the final product. Make sure and order the extended flange for the sink, garbage or strainer. I really like the A1461WS-2 as a faucet for that sink.

Kenny T. from NM —
We absolutely love both of our Rohl Fireclay sinks

We absolutely love both of our Rohl Fireclay sinks (30 and 18 inch prep). Everyone that comes to our house comments on them and we would recommend them to anyone. We have a single minor disappointment (1 on a scale of 1-10) with the larger sink. As these sinks are handmade, the bottom is not perfectly flat and sloped to the drain, resulting in individual puddles. Again, we realize that is part of the 'charm' of a handmade item. We would not hesitate to purchase another one, and will if we ever remodel another kitchen.

John M. from CA —
I am not a fan

I am not sure that you want my feedback as I am rather disappointed in my sink. About a year ago I started to notice cracks in the base. When I contacted you guys I was told it was normal. So I am not a fan. I am more than happy to share my experience with others and I have certainly made my dissatisfaction known to those who ask.

Jen F. from NH —
I love my Rohl sink - it is truly the focal point of our kitchen.

I love my Rohl sink - it is truly the focal point of our kitchen. After spending months researching we ended up ordering from Quality Bath. Not only was the price the cheapest we found, the service was excellent. (For instance, when we purchased the faucet to go with the sink, the guy on the phone took like 15 minutes to measure out the specs of the sink + faucet to make sure the sizes we'd chosen would fit perfectly, without me even asking. As it turns out we ended up getting a different size based on his recommendation, which has worked out SO much better than what I would have picked on my own.) Would recommend quality bath to anyone ordering fixtures or sinks!!

Lynne M. from CA —
Love the look and the usefulness of this sink!

We purchased our Shaw Original Fireclay Sink about 3 years ago. We have thoroughly enjoyed it. We found it takes a special fitting to install the garbage disposal. Another helpful tip--we purchased the stainless steel rack that fits in the bottom of the sink. That has been really useful in keeping the sink from getting too scarred and in keeping dishes from breaking when accidentally dropped in the sink. Love the look and the usefulness of this sink!

Brenda M. from MA —
I love my sink

I love my sink, which looks beautiful in my 200 year old NE antique home, appropriately with soapstone counters and a wooden 'furniture' sink cabinet . Unfortunately , although I have been unbelievably cautious (rubber mat.and very careful) etc... i have two tiny pin -head sized chips in it...This is very disappointing

Karen J. from Ma —
It has been very easy to clean and maintain a like new finish!

We love our Rohl Fireclay Apron Sink. It is large enough to handle everything, even filling up the wash bucket! Not only is this sink very functional but it is the centerpiece to our kitchen remodel. While I was building the center island I framed the sink to sit as an under mount just below the new granite countertop. This has made cleaning the counter tops a breeze. The front apron sticks out just over 1" and adds a nice finishing touch to the cabinets. We have had Rohl Fireclay Apron Sink for close to 2 years now and have never had any trouble or regrets. It has been very easy to clean and maintain a like new finish!

Kevin L. from CA —
This sink is absolutely gorgeous!

This sink is absolutely gorgeous! Given our location, we weren’t able to see this sink in person, but really wanted a classic farmhouse sink for our kitchen remodel. Quality Bath had a terrific price with free shipping, and the sink arrived within the week. I can’t speak yet for the durability of this fireclay sink, but we did purchase the sink with the protective grid to protect the surface. I’m so glad we took a chance on this sink…and saved several hundred dollars purchasing through Quality Bath!

Paul and Jan R. from SD —
I just love the sink

I just love the sink, I have never had any sink in 50 years of marriage that is so easy to keep clean. I just treat it as a dish and wash it done with dish soap and walk away.

Bonnie B. from NJ —
The sink is extremely durable, no scratches or chips and looks great.

We purchased the Rohl Shaw Fireclay Apron Sink and have been thrilled. We have 5 people in our family and use a kitchen extensively, especially after the remodel. The sink is extremely durable, no scratches or chips and looks great.

John from IN —
Everyone admires it.

We love our sink! Everyone admires it. Be prepared, it is very heavy and will require support and a knowledgeable installer! My contractor was not thrilled with the idea, but was won over when he saw it!

Judy from MD —
works wonderfully, and looks great

First off, we had a heck of a time finding a black sink. Whites, coppers, and steels were everywhere, but no black sinks. We put approximately seven long months into searching for our sink, Google this and Google that and any other search engine as well. Untold phone contacts to individuals, stores, warehouses, and manufacturers to find out if there were any possibility of a closeout item which would not be listed. Usually, we were informed that a black sink no longer existed in the style we wanted and, are you sure you wouldn’t like a stainless one instead? When our sink was finally discovered, about two weeks after our initial query, we were informed that it had been found during cleanup in the back of the warehouse under some trash. Well, we didn’t care about that, we were just happy the sink we had envisioned had been found. The sink we have is a Franke, by Villeroy & Boch, gloss black, single bowl, apron sink with an offset center drain. We had it set as an undermount with a greenish Corian counter surface which works wonderfully, and looks great too. We matched it up with a 17-inch high oil rubbed bronze faucet with a pull out spray and matching soap dispenser. The one specific thing we are most positive about is the recommendation that we include the plastic-coated stainless steel grid that fits in the sink. That single accessory has prevented numerous accidents that I know would have resulted in a broken sink. That grid alone has saved us an unbelievable amount of grief.

Gary T. from NC —
I praise Quality Bath and Rohl for great delivery and a great product.

I researched the Rohl sink and I found it to be the best made sink on the market as it is handcrafted. The sink has been installed in our new kitchen for just about a year and it is just fantastic. I also have to say that the service and product from Quality Bath was superb. If anyone has any fears ordering a product, let alone a kitchen sink, over the internet please be assured that the order will be taken care of in a professional quality manor from Quality Bath. The sink arrived in a box that was filled with a custom foam that would not allow breakage. Again I praise Quality Bath and Rohl for great delivery and a great product.

Bob S. from IL —
I love my new handmade sink.

I love my new handmade sink. It is nice and deep and classic in feel. I find it very easy to use with big pots. I also was so pleased to work with Quality You were service oriented and easy to deal with when shipping such a special item.

Jennifer C. from NJ —

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