Pearl Electric Towel Warmer

24" W x 30" H

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16 Reviews

Pearl Electric Towel Warmer

24" W x 30" H

Limited time sale

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No sales tax outside NJ

16 Reviews


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No sales tax outside NJ

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Item Description

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BrandMysonShop All Myson
CollectionPearlShop All Pearl
Model NumberWPRL08
Alternative SKUMyson WPRL08, Myson WPRL08M

Myson's new 24" easy-to-install Pearl Towel Warmer is available in two multirail wall models, or the portable floor model. Manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel with matte or bright stainless finish, this new, affordable Myson towel warmer is durable, corrosion resistant and won't flake or chip. The Pearl is backed by a Myson two year warranty.

Treat yourself or your guest to the warmth and luxury of toasty warm towels while reducing moisture, mildew and musty smells.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Output: 110 Watts
  • Supplied with 4 easy to install wall brackets.
  • Equipped with a safe, reliable and very energy efficient heating element.
  • Illuminated on/off switch.
  • 8 Bars
  • ETL approved.
  • Available in a Matte or Bright Finish-please specify

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InstallationWall Mount
System TypeElectric

Questions and Answers

There are 2  questions about this item
Our plug is on the wall just above the vanity. It would be to the left of the pictured unit. Can the unit be installed upside down so that the cord is closer to the plug?

You can but the on/off control would be at the top making it difficult to reach.

Does it come with a cord to plug into an outlet?

Yes, the cord will come with the unit.

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Myson   WPRL08   Reviews

This item currently has 16  reviews

Heats up pretty fast and warms the towels, as you would expect.

Trenton from SC —
Great Towel warmer

We replaced our old towel warmer with the WPRL08M. The new warmer is bigger & works great. Don Rogers

Donald from NC —
Great Product

After many trips to Europe I wanted a decent towel warmer of my own. This Myson product was well priced, looks great, and works well. It was also easy to install.

Larry from CA —

Place an order and got it right away! My son loves his towel warmer. He uses a lot specially after swim practice, twice a day, just dry the towel and reuse it!

Doris from CA —

Very pleased with quality and effectiveness of the towel warmer. It looks nice in our bath and and when left on overnight, it dries and warms the towels for the morning.

gary from ME —

I use the towel warmer daily and love to step out of the shower into a warm towel. In addition it speeds up the drying of a damp towel. The warmer can be used for drying light weight hosiery and underwear. While it does take some time to really warm up, I am very pleased with this product.

Grace M from PA —

I like the towel warmer, but it seems to take too long to warm.

Jacqueline from TN —

I really enjoy the towel warmer. It does a great job of keep several different towels warm and helps them dry after using them. It does get hot to the touch so higher wall placement is recommended if you have small children.

Tracy from GA —
It's an absolute necessity to life in the Pacific Northwest.

We love the Myson towel rack. It adds a little additional heat to bathroom, but the best part is the feeling of dry towels. In the wet Seattle winters we were accustomed to everything feeling slightly damp all the time. Now the towels always feel dry. They are warmest when in direct contact with the bar, which is hard to manage with multiple towels on the rack. I don't really mind because at least part of the towel is really warm. The horizontal bars can get very hot, but it hasn't hurt our towels or us. The vertical bars are not as hot, but still warm. I take advantage of those by hanging my robe on it. The rack is also great for drying delicate clothing carefully and quickly. It was easy to install, but you have to give yourself some time and have some patience. A template for hanging it would be very useful. We turn it off during the day when we are out and turn it on in the evening. That way the towels are always dry in evening and warm in the morning. It's an absolute necessity to life in the Pacific Northwest.

Dottie F. from WA —
The towel warmer has been working great – we really enjoy it.

The towel warmer has been working great – we really enjoy it. And it mounts just the right distance from the wall. We have ours on a timer, which means the towels are always warm when we need them. And I like the “two level” usage of the racks. We keep some on top and some on the bottom.

Sharon K. from CA —
It's the best!

So we just installed the Myson towel warmer about 1 month ago in our master bath. We absolutely love it! Would never not have one. Love stepping out of the shower into a warm dry towel. Also, keeps them smelling fresh and takes the chill out of our bathroom too. It's the best!

Alyse N. from CA —
We are both very happy at how well it works, and how simple it was to install.

My wife and I have had the Pearl Towel Warmer for a year now. We are both very happy at how well it works, and how simple it was to install. I think that was the key selling point. Simplicity, because as a Man, we can make things difficult from something simple. Thanks again for the wonderful merchandise, it was a perfect fit for us. Just an FYI, Folding the towel properly makes the use of this towel warmer very effective, the thickness of the towel doesn't seem to take anything away from it. Knowing how to properly put it through the rails is key.

Patric S. from NY —
My wife is not really too happy with the towel warmer

My wife is not really too happy with the towel warmer as she does not feel that it warms the towels enough. Her point of comparison is a bit unfair in that it is a towel warmer that we had in France that not only warmed towels but also the entire bathroom. Same issue compared to one we had in the UK, which was a nicer looking steam radiator - again, it not only warmed towels, it heated the bathroom. The heater is just a bit too narrow between the vertical bars to hold two towels folded in half without over lap. construction is very good, easy to mount and the coiled cord is nice. I did have to put an outlet in the bathroom specially to handle this unit (not due to current draw, but due to location)

Scott B. from TX —
The towel rail worked out great.

The towel rail worked out great. It is connected to the electric underfloor timer so we do not have to worry about turning it on or off. The towels are nice and warm and do not get the musty smell.

Brian D. from MA —
We love the towel warmer

We love the towel warmer... between the heated floors we installed in the bathroom and the towel warmer, getting out of the shower is no longer a chilly experience. It does take a while to heat up a big towel so be sure to turn it on awhile before you get into the shower.

Denise K. from WA —
In a few words, we love it!!!

I am happy to tell you about our towel rack. In a few words, we love it!!! In the summer months it drys the humidity out of our small bath room and keeps our towels dry and fresh. When it's cold there is nothing like stepping out of the shower and wrapping up in a soft warm towel. Ahhhhhhh! We find it very useful for drying our wash cloths before putting them in the clothes hamper, it keeps them smelling fresh and eliminates the danger of ending up with mold in the hamper. Quite frankly, I can't imagine not having a heated towel rack in our bathroom. When we moved and ended up with another bathroom, one of the first things we ordered for the new house was another heated towel rack!!!! They are just fantastic. Thank you for such a wonderful product at such a reasonable price.

Patsy A. from MO —

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