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Model NumberUP
  • Serenity Light and Music System- A self contained, shower proof, compact 10" diameter module that produces high intensity, full spectrum light and sound for the most relaxing audio and chromatherapy experience; including NEW Voice Response Feedback
  • Signature Series Control- Manages Time, Temperature, Day Clock, Auto Power Flush, and the Serenity Light and Music System
  • Remote Control- Enhances the entire steam, light and shower environment; make your selection and ThermaSol's virtual spa attendant confirms your selection via voice response.....all from the palm of your hand
  • Easy Start Control- Starts the steam shower from outside the steam enclosure-up to 50' away
  • NoTouch Steamhead- Whisper quiet retractable steam head with integral aromatherapy well
  • Essential Oils-6 pk 5ml. Bottles-Elevate you bathing experience to a higher level of complete renewal with ThermaSol's Essential Aromatherapy Oils. Simply add 2 to 4 drops of there aromatic oils to the steam head resevoir, and let your senses whisk you away

  • Use with PRO and AF Series Generators
  • Available in all seven styles-please choose
  • Precise temperature adjustment
  • Variable session times
  • Control of a full fidelity music and sound system
  • Two user programmable presets from the wall mounted controls or hand held remote
  • Aromatherapy-essential oils

Serenity Light and Music System Features:

  • The full color spectrum at your fingertips
  • Infinitely adjustable light spectrum; soothing shades of color for home chromatherapy and holistic healing chakras
  • Provides white light that can be adjusted to your liking
  • Mood light mode generates a soothing spectrum of gradual change
  • Light system uses the latest in high intensity LED technology
  • Full spectrum light generation from 18 ultra high intensity LED generators
  • System is self contained within a single light and sound module
  • High performance trilinear sub-woofer with high frequency drivers and a high power mosfit amplifier
  • Multi-channel inputs and built-in FM receiver
  • Compatible for use with portable MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, satellite radio and cable boxes

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