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BrandThermaSolShop All ThermaSol
Model NumberPRO-240

Create your very own “at home spa experience” with a Steamshower generator. The unique steamshower system transforms your ordinary shower into a deluxe steam room, creating a wonderful daily ritual, while enhancing your well-being and relaxation. The Thermasol SmartSteam System, available in the ProSeries generators, is brilliantly designed to produce the exact amount of steam required to keep your room at optimum temperature while conserving energy and maintaining the peaceful ambiance, with constant heat at a constant rate. Never suffer again from annoying temperature fluctuations. Treat yourself to the absolute ultimate in comfort and luxury all in your very own bathroom!

Calculate the length x width x height in order to measure the cubic feet of the room and to determine which generator is right for you. For every foot of ceiling height over 8 feet use the next larger steam generator.

Electrical Specifications:

  • Cubic Feet: 240
  • AMP 240
  • VAC: 46
  • Wire: 8
  • Breaker: 50
  • Phase: 1
  • kW: 10

Features and Benefits:

  • Patented SmartSteamTM - The SmartSteam technology produces the precise amount of steam required to keep the rooms at ones optimum temperature while conserving energy and maintaining the relaxing environment with whisper quiet utility.

  • Whisper Quiet - Since ThermaSol units do not use a solenoid valve to replace the water boiled away there is no potential for water hammer, none. This allows the steam bath experience to be what it was designed to be; a relaxing getaway that allows you to rejuvenate from the daily pressures we face in a world that appears to move faster every day

  • Constant steam at a constant rate

  • Fast StartTM - Fast Start provides steam in less than a minute. It is energy efficient but can be turned off as needed.

  • Auto PowerFlushTM pressurized inner tank cleaning system- PowerFlush was specifically designed to purge calcification build-up from the inner-tank. This unique system uses a combination of household water-line pressure (40 to 80 lbs) and specially designed inner-tank “speed slots” to increase the water pressure. This water pressure effectively sweeps the bottom of the tank removing build-up.

  • Digital CAN-bus networked system, intelligent two way communication

  • Can be plumbed 50 ft. from the shower without purchasing a larger kW unit

  • Superior heating elements - low watt density

  • Split tank enhances performance and life-span - Water is preheated in the water reservoir and passes to the boiling side only at the exact rate of steam production. This efficient system delivers uninterrupted boiling, providing constant steam flow at a constant rate. This unyielding steam production allows you to install the steam shower generator up to 50 feet away from the shower enclosure without purchasing a larger generator. Because the water feeder is removed from boiling process it extends the life of your steam shower generator and limits calcification build-up, ensuring trouble free reliability for life!

Dimensions and Product Specifications:

  • Unit: 17" L x 11-1/2" W x 12" H
  • Pan: 18-1/2" L x 13-3/4" W x 2" H
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Stainless steel drainpan
  • Stainless water flex connector
  • Pre-plumbed safety relief valve
  • 1/2" union to connect to steam line
  • 208-240 Volt plug-in power cord (5 ft.)
  • Water tight data link cable for control

Warranty Information:

  • Lifetime factory warranty
  • 3 year in-home warranty prior to lifetime warranty


  • Control and steamhead sold separately
    • Control includes a steamhead. Control model is available in 7 different styles. Please select control kit from the options.
    • Thermasol packages (which include a control and steamhead) can be ordered. See Suggested items for package details
  • Lights sold separately. Choose from Suggested Items.
  • Works with ThermaSol serenity Light and Music system. Choose from Suggested Items.
  • AromaTherapy Oils available. Choose from Suggested Items. Click here to see all ThermaSol AromaThererapy options.

TypeResidential Steam Unit

Questions and Answers

There are 2  questions about this item
How do I know which size steam shower is right for me?

Check out page 23 of this brochure. It tells you how to size your steam shower.

In simple terms what is SmartSteam?

SmartSteam ensures that the temperature of your steam shower stays the same throughout, without annoying fluctuations.

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ThermaSol   PRO-240   Reviews

This item currently has 7  reviews
overall we are very happy with the purchase

We recently remodeled our entire Master bathroom and purchased almost all the Fixtures (plumbing, lighting, etc) on the Internet. We purchased the Pro Series unit with the Signature Control unit, and the steam shower light from Quality Bath. The sizing of the steam generator was very simple. After finding the area of the steam room we used their chart to determine what size would be best for us to use. The Generator, Light, and Controller arrived in three boxes and was very well packaged. We had some problems with the initial installation. After installing the generator the unit was not working. We placed a call to tech support and found the Master Control Board was dead and needed to be replaced. They offered us two options – Send us a new Control Board or send us a new generator. We opted for a new generator even though this required us to un-do all the plumbing we just completed. The new unit arrived approx 2-3 weeks after we placed the call. We got the new unit installed and the Signature Controller didn’t work. Another call to tech support and we found that we had bent a pin on the control wiring. After bending the pin back in place….We had a good working system. Over all, we have had the until for almost 1 year and have no issues. We have really enjoyed the steam shower, after long stressful days at work, cold winter nights, or to help clear head colds, etc. Steam starts almost instantly after hitting the button, and after 5 mins (to let the room heat up) we have a great steam room. The Unit works exactly as they claim and the purchase through Quality Bath was a breeze. We did a lot on line research and found had the best pricing for this Unit. We did have to call tech support one more time, because their User Guild was not very clear, but overall we are very happy with the purchase and with Quality Bath.

David G. from NJ —

the ThermaSol was recommended by my contractor, I have researched it on line was happy with the warranty and found your site to have the best price.

Moshe Cohen from CA —
We've very happy we've installed one of these and would recommend them to anyone.

I'm the person in this household who takes a steam shower every day. I totally love it. The unit is reliable and efficient, although the buttons can be a bit confusing to first-timers. We've very happy we've installed one of these and would recommend them to anyone.

Doug M. from CA —
I am very satisfied with Thermasol.

I am very satisfied with Thermasol. The generator starts immediately to make steam. The operation button is simple. Although I had few times that I turned on the generator but nothing happened. The beginning I thought the breaker is off but it wasn’t. So I don’t know why it wasn’t working that times but it was working on my next try – few days after.

Eran W. from CA —
Overall, we would highly recommend this product.

We are very happy with our Thermasol steam generator, it works well, heats up fast, was relatively easy to install and it consumes very little power when not in use. The only thing we could wish for is a remote control. Overall, we would highly recommend this product.

Julia B. from CA —
Overall a great purchase

I really enjoy my Thermasol everyday. The best money I spent redoing our bathrooms. The unit is very reliable.. no issues at all. My only feed back is the design of the buttons on the control panel could be better. One button for on and one button for off would be much easier. instead of having to push two buttons simultaneously to turn the unit off. I small issue but it could be improved.. I love how quickly the steam starts.. Overall a great purchase

Curt P. from PA —
units seems high quality

The generator seems to work fine. Produces plenty of steam. Cutting the steam head hole in the shower tile required an uncommon drill bit ($130.), but the units seems high quality.

Michael N. from AL —

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