Saniplus Toilet with Macerator Series Pump


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Saniplus Toilet with Macerator Series Pump


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42 Reviews


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Model NumberSaniPlus
Alternative SKUSaniflo 002-003-005, Saniflo 002-007-005

Install a Toilet Anywhere You Want. High Level Of Styling.

Installing a bathroom where you want is often difficult and sometimes even impossible. The main drainpipe is either too far away, or the new bathroom or sink will be lower than the drainpipe, making conventional installation unworkable.

The Saniplus is a system used to install a complete bathroom up to 15 feet below the sewer line, or even up to 150 feet away from a soil stack. It can handle the effluent from a toilet, sink, bathtub and shower.

The Saniplus is simplicity itself to install; there are just four connections.

  • The macerator/pump is connected to the spigot of a horizontal rear discharge toilet
  • The toilet tank is connected to the water supply
  • The macerator/pump is connected to the small diameter discharge pipe work
  • The macerator/pump is connected to the electrical supply

The inside of the Saniplus is comprised of a pressure chamber, which starts and stops the unit, and the motor, which drives the stainless steel macerator blades and the pump.

When the flush is activated, the water flowing into the Saniplus activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which in turn starts the motor. The motor is sealed for life in an oil filled enclosure. A common spindle/shaft drives the impeller and the macerator blades. The moving parts therefore are kept to an absolute minimum. Water and organic waste matter enter the chamber and are reduced to slurry as the macerator blades rotate at 3600 RPM. The centrifugal force causes the reduced solids to be ejected through a grill into the container where it is picked up by the impeller pump mounted beneath the motor.

The unit pumps the effluent upward to 15 feet and/or 150 feet horizontally (with gravity fall). Once the water level in the container goes down, the micro switch deactivates the unit until the flush is activated again. A normal operating cycle for Saniplus takes about 7-9 seconds depending upon the discharge pipe run configuration; power consumption is therefore minimal.

In addition to the toilet waste, the Saniplus will also discharge gray water from a variety of other sanitary fixtures such as: a sink, a bathtub, a shower and a urinal. When adding a bathtub or shower, a base will have to be constructed. This base should be made out of a 2" x 6" (minimum) or 2" x 8" (recommended) on edge, to allow for the installation of a P-trap and the required 1/4" per foot gravity flow towards the pump unit.

The wastewater from other sanitary fixtures is discharged into the Saniplus via two 2-inch inlets on either side of the housing. Either one or both inlets can be used as required. The discharge elbow on top of the Saniplus can be turned either to the left, to the right, or towards the back, depending on the discharge installation. A non-return valve, which comes already assembled on the discharge elbow, prevents back flow into the unit.

This unit has been designed with a vent connection on the lid. All plumbing codes require connection to a vent system. Please note that the vent system should be a two-way air vent. The use of mechanical vents, air admittance valves or similar devices are not permitted as these are considered one-way air vent systems. It is also highly recommended for the macerator/pump to be connected to a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI) circuit.

The design of this model consists of vibration absorbers which enable the reduction of operating sound by reducing the transmitted sounds from any location where such resonance transmission could occur. This new design reduces the operating sound of this pump by 10dB.

This Saniplus set includes the macerator pump and Saniflo rear spigot toilet

Two toilet styles are available. Please select style from the options:

  • Vitreous china tank and bowl with round front
    • 16-3/4 inches (seating height)
    • 26-1/2 inches (overall depth)
  • Vitreous china tank and elongated bowl
    • 16-3/4 inches (seating height)
    • 28-1/2 inches (overall depth)
    • Toilet Bowl is ADA Compliant (tank is not)
  • Toilet Features:
    • Insulated tank
    • Lever handle plastic, white
    • Toilet tank/bowl screws comes with washers and wing nuts
    • 1 year Warranty on china
    • Optional Extension pipe available for remote mounting of pump
    • Free Toilet Seat included with purchase
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Questions and Answers

There are 17  questions about this item
How high and far does this unit pump waste?

15ft vertically and 150ft horizontally.

What is the extension pipe for?

if you would like to install the macerator behind the wall you will need the extension pipe to connect the macerator and the toilet.

What is the diameter of the discharge pipe?


How many fixtures can I operate off this pump?

The Saniplus can be used with a toilet a sink and a shower/tub

Can I connect the Saniflo Saniplus to my washing machine located in the same bathroom?

No, the Saniflo Saniplus can only be connected to the following: Toilet, Sink, Bathtub, Shower.

Do I have to press a separate button to get the macerator going?

No, the macerator is activated when you flush the toilet. When the flush is activated, the water flowing into the Saniplus activates a micro switch in the pressure chamber, which in turn starts the motor.

How long does it take for this toilet to do its "thing". It sounds pretty complicated.

A normal cycle for the SaniPlus is 7-9 seconds. Power consumption is minimal.

How does the waste from the other plumbing fixtures get to the Saniplus?

The waste water from the other fixtures is discharged into the Saniflo through 2" inlets on either side of the housing.

Does the macerator make a lot of noise?

The SaniPlus has vibration absorbers which reduce the operating sound by 10dB.

Is this toilet ADA Compliant?

The toilet is available in two styles round and elongated. The elongated toilet is ADA Compliant.

Is the Extension Pipe listed in the options necessary?

The extension pipe eases the installation process making it simpler and less time consuming to hide the pump behind a finished wall. Most installers will recommend using the extension pipe.

If I use the extension pipe do I have to install the toilet differently?

Yes, the toilet bowl should be raised 3/8 inch for additional gravity flow toward the macerator box.

What is the SaniAlarm for?

In case the macerator experiences a power failure, buildup of limescale deposit or any kind of abuse that causes a surcharge of water in the unit exceeding the maximum level allowed the alarm will emit a continuous 80 dB warning sound until it is switched off or the problem is fixed.

My plumber told me I have to be careful of limescale buildup. What can I do to avoid it?

Regularly descale your unit with the new SaniFlo Descaler. This will get rid of the limescale, prolonging your unit life and help maintain its efficiency.

Can I connect this system into a 2" drain line that leads to main sewer line in house. Or does this have to be directly connected to big line like the regular toilets?

Yes you can connect it into the drain line that leads to the main sewer line in oyur house.

I want to install a mace rating system in my cottage and use it only in the summer months. There is no heat in the cottage in the winter. What has to be done to the unit to be winterized?

You should make sure there is no water left in the pump over the winter.

Can the Saniflo 002 be connected to a standard toile tif plumbed properly? Can this be plumbed with toilet, shower and sink or would i need a different model?

The Saniflo 002 can only be used with the toilet that Saniflo offers. It will not work with any other toilet.

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Saniflo   SaniPlus   Reviews

This item currently has 42  reviews
Does the job.

Well described product that gets the job done. Come with good installation instruction, easy install for any DIY-er.

Jody from VT —

Moved into the basement with my daughter for a short time. I sold my home very quickly, this was unexpected. My daughters basement had everything except a bathroom. I researched products to add a bathroom and I chose Saniflo. It is working out as expected and I would recommend it to anyone, in face I have a friend that just bought a home with a basement and he is going to purchase one of these systems. Doug in Ohio

Doug from OH —

I'm very pleased with my purchase of the Saniflo Saniplus Toilet. The only drawback is that it makes a little noise when the pump is being activated; other than that, it works perfectly.

Curtis from TN —

We have had the toilet installed for about 6 months now and have had no problems. It is quiet and was fairly easy to install. I check it for problems every month and non have turned up. It was just what we needed in our basement.

Mark from AR —

Wonderful!! It was so easy to install and it works great!!

Patricia from NJ —

I installed this toilet myself: electrical, plumbing, vent and drain. Everything went perfectly, but I did read all the instructions a few times to put it together in my head. The instructions could be improved on, but all the information is there if you read all the writing and look at all the pictures. Have been using it for a few months now and no problems at all. I needed this third bathroom because of inlaw moving in. Does the job perfectly.

Donn from DE —

We've been using this product for several months now and so far VERY pleased!!!!

Debra from NY —
Great company

I recommend this company and product to anyone looking for great speedy service and a quality product.

Arian from NY —

Just right for our needs and saved alot of construction money. Good work.

Debra from SC —

The unit works good but it is very loud. I think the price is on the high side for a simple grinder pump, not quality baths fault just saniflo is high in general

steve from MO —
System works well been very satisfied with it's operation and appearance

We recently installed a bathroom in the basement. I used the extension pipe and hide the pump unit in the laundry room behind the bathroom wall. We have the sink hooked to the unit too. The system works well been very satisfied with it's operation and appearance.The only complaint I have is I wish the main inlet on the macerator from the toilet had more of stub sticking out of it so you could hose clamp the boot instead of the cable tie.

Timothy from PA —
A little disppointed

For the amount of money it was I am a little diappointed in the product. I put it in a new basement bathroom. It does do what it is suposed to do and was pretty easy to install. But it is a load pump and I wish now I got the extension and put the pump behinf the wall. Also a lot of times 2 flushs are in order. But all in all its a good product so far and allowed me to put a bath in the basement where the soil line is above the slab.

Nicholas from MD —
This is a great product and it is very easy to install

We purchased a Saniflo Saniplus toilet to put in our basement which we have a septic tank hook up. You just need a water line hook up, a septic line hook up and a air vent line hook up. Once you have those in place the unit is very easy to install. It works very well handling the toilet, shower and lavatory. The pump runs very quiet. I would highly recommend the Saniflo system.

Janet & Steve from IL —
Thanks Saniflo

I purchased the saniflo saniplus for the basement in my home directly under our main bathroom. The saniplus was very easy to install . The directions were simple and very easy to follow.There is also a lavatory that drains in the macerator. The system pumps directly vertical with a lift of approximately 8 feet. Thanks Saniflo for making a bathroom possible in my basement.

wilfred from ME —
Saniflo Saniplus

I installed the saniplus pump and toilet in my basement behind a wall with the optional extension pipe, and also hooked up a sink and shower to it. The unit works good, but its a little on the noisy side but that is to be expected with a pump. The installation instructions were a little hard to follow, I think that I was looking for more techinical information instead of following pictures. I am happy with the unit, but my only other concern is Saniflo seems to have there products a little over priced. Especially the extension pipe, over $40.00 for a short piece of pvc. I would highly recomend Quality Bath, they had the cheapest price that I could find and extremely fast shipping and great email communication!!

Steve from Your State —
I would highly recommend this product

Saniflo Saniplus is easy to install and is a excellant alternitive to digging up your floor to install a pump or to tie into underground plumbing. I would highly recommend this product and would not hesitate to recommend it to my friends or family.

Peter from VA —
Does the job and gives me peice of mind

We installed the Saniplus system in a new basement addition. The system handles the shower and sink water in addtion to the waste from the toilet. Installation went well with planning for rough in ahead of time. The sytem can handle waste from all 3 fixtures at the same time with no problem. Noise levels are not bad. I would say slightly above a regular toilet. If you plan ahead ( read the instructions completly before doing anything) and rough in accuratly, the installation will go smoothly. I'm happy with the product so far (2 months). Overall it saved me from tearing into my slab which I would have had to call in a pro and I would always be worrying about my high water table. Does the job and gives me peice of mind. I would recommend it.

ROBERT from NY —
The installation was straight forward

I installed the SanifloPlus system in my basement a few months ago. The installation was straight forward and easily accomplishable by following te step by step instructions. The unit is working great and handles my sink, shower, comode set up easily. Make sure you get a good oneway valve to go with the system. I heard my pump cylcling evry 5 to 10 minutes one night and found that one way valve was allowing seapage back into the pump tank. I t cleared itself up the next day. The unit itself is working great, and I've had no further trouble.

Bill M. from —
I would recommend the system to anyone

we would quite simply not hve been able to install our basement bathroom without our saniflo toilet and pump system. The new bath and laundry room added significant value to our home. My only negative would be that although the mascerating pump is low on the decibel scale, it is still loud enough to be alarming to those who are not used to using it, even though the pump is behind the wall. A soundproffing kit would be a good idea. I have also noted that the water level in the bowl stays pretty low. None of these are significant problems, however, and I would recommend the system to anyone wanting to economically install a bath below the level of their septic or sewer lines.

William H. from —
I am very happy, and impressed, with Saniflo and Quality Bath!

I am very happy with the Saniplus toilet I purchased from Quality Bath. The shipping was quick, my boxes arrived in good shape, and the price was the best around! I was constructing a new bath from scratch in an underutilized space in our basement. And although I am fairly handy, I had never done a project this substantial. However, the directions were mostly self-explanatory, and the installation was fairly easy. We have a shower/bath and sink plumbed into the unit behind a wall. I highly recommend the extension pipe if you want to hide the unit, as I did. Once behind the wall, the pump is barely audible. And I must say, I am highly impressed with the quiet operation. (I have seen other manufacturers’ pump systems that are very noisy.) As for advice, I would highly recommend that you build the base of your shower/tub at 8” minimum to give yourself room for the trap. I started with 6.5”, and while on paper the design worked, in reality the drain and overflow pipes wouldn’t line up correctly due to the shower enclosure design. I added another 1” to the base, and it worked smoothly. Also, I added an inline check valve to the waste pipe to insure nothing comes back from the sewer, and the whole system has performed beautifully. As I said at the top, I am very happy, and impressed, with Saniflo and Quality Bath!

Troy A. from —
If a conventional toilet won't work, consider the Saniflo.

We bought the Saniflo toilet because of a special need. We wanted a toilet in the garage, but it would be too far from the septic system for a conventional toilet. Plus, we didn't want to bust the concrete floor. The Saniflo is a perfect solution in this case. It has worked as promised, and not one break down yet. If a conventional toilet won't work, consider the Saniflo.

Barry W. from —
I found the system to be easily installed

I spent several hours over some months researching macerating toilets. Each time I would come back to the Saniflo brand. I liked the idea of being able to choose the componant package I needed based on expected amount of use and number of fixtures being connected. Other brands you had to be knowledgable and able to pick the componants to fit your needs as it wasn't done for you. The cost of the system was was also a competitive and/or less expensive then other brands. I found the system to be easily installed even though I am a retired 69 year old female. I have another location that has access problems to the soil stack so will be adding another system in the future. The only negative was a problem with the toilet seat purchased separately. When it was in the railsed position it would press on the handle causing the water to continually run. I put a temporary spacer on the tank lid until I find an acceptabe solution.

Barbara from —
The Saniflo Saniplus is a very good product for basements

The Saniflo Saniplus is a very good product for basements, were your below the septic soil drain line. Or you do not want to cut open your basement cement slab and install a new soil drain line. The Saniplus has operated for two years without any problems. Installation is easy for a good DIY person, that is comfortable with plumbing. The packaging from Saniflo could be much better, so inspect the contents for any damaged or missing parts.

Brian D. from MI —
I have been very pleased with the Saniflo Saniplus system I purchased from Quality Bath.

I have been very pleased with the Saniflo Saniplus system I purchased from Quality Bath. I installed it myself in a half bath in my basement, and the actual unit itself was the easiest part of the installation. I spent several months researching various models of Macerating toilets and found that Saniflo pretty much beats the competition price/performance wise. I suppose the only advice I can give other people is to make sure they know how they are going to vent the system, both in order to comply with plumbing codes, but to also insure the unit operates correctly.

gary c. from TN —
I would recommend this product to others who are considering a purchase.

I have been satisfied with the Saniflo that I purchased for our basement bathroom. The price was better than similar systems I researched and Quality Bath had a better price than what my local plumbing supply company could meet. I am not a plumber by any stretch of the imagination, but I found the installation to be pretty straightforward and was able to do it by myself in just a couple of hours. We have been pleased with how the unit operates and has given us trouble free operation. I would recommend this product to others who are considering a purchase.

Chad M. from IN —
I really like the saniflo toilet

I really like the saniflo toilet. It was easy to install and has been working well. Without it I still would not have a half bath in my basement family room.

Floyd L. from PA —
It works well

It works well, powerful, easy to install, would recommend

Brad from OH —
I was satisfied with my overall order

My experience with Saniflo was easy and conveniant until it came time to shipping. I live in Alaska so when I originally placed my order it was one price but I got a call that said it would be a lot more. I was satisfied with my overall order and if I ever need a new toilet or know anyone who does I will pass on the good report.

Beci R. from AK —
The Saniflo toilet system was an excellent choice for the basement bathroom I installed

Searching for an 'up-flushing' toilet system online yielded several options, but none seemed as appropriate as the Saniflo system. The apparent ease of installation, minimal components, and good customer reviews made it the obvious choice. I ordered the system online along with the optional extender pipe so I could hide the pump setup behind a wall. The system arrived very quickly and intact. Due to the good packaging, nothing was broken. I set out to install the unit, locating the pump behind a wall. Connected to the pump are a toilet, bathroom sink, and a shower. It only has to pump up about 4 feet to tie into the house sewer pipe, and the vent is tied into the house vent. Overall it was extremely easy to install; it only took a couple hours to put everything together. The fit and finish of all the components are very good and are obviously high quality. Initially, I wondered if the system was going to keep up with all three appliances in use at once. After setting up the system, I was astounded at how powerful and quiet the pump was; it only turns on for seconds at a time! Even running the shower at full power, the sink at full power, and flushing the toilet repeatedly, I can't get the pump to turn on more than about 5 seconds at a time, with about 20 seconds in between! The Saniflo toilet system was an excellent choice for the basement bathroom I installed; I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Silas P. from CT —
I am extremely happy with it.

I actually have my Saniflo behind a false wall so noone can see it. I had to ad the 16" extension pipe (obviously) to make it reach behind the wall, but the problem I ran into was the hole I made in the drywall for the 4" tube to pass through looked terrible. So I came up with an idea to use a recessed can light trim ring to fit around the pipe and conceal any rough edges on the drywall. You can see in the picture how it looks. I didn't see anywhere that Saniflo makes a ring of some sort for this exact aplication. Thought about "selling" the idea to saniflo and not use a can light ring, but something similar but never got around to emailing them. You can basically use any can light ring that is 4". Also was able to use the wires that hold the ring up against the ceiling, to hold it against the wall. Worked perfect! As far as the actual Saniflo unit, I am extremely happy with it. I was skeptical at the fact the toilet contents get forced through a 3/4" pipe but it does and it works! The toilet itself seems sturdy and functional. I am not a contractor, let alone a plumber, and have never done any sort of plumbing like this and I thought it was fairly straight forward to install. I took my time and covered all the bases when installing. It worked the very first time and every time after that with no leaks. So I cannot say a plumber is not needed, I am just the type of person to try anything once and learn as I go. In fact, I finished my entire basement on my own, including installing the Saniflo and creating an entire basement bathroom and had basically no experience at any of it. Our shower and our sink also flow into the Saniflo and have had no issues concerning those fixtures either. I can honestly say that Saniflo was one of the best ideas for a basement bathroom because of the ease of installation and your not tearing up the concrete floor to install a sump pump and then not being able to get to it cause you covered it with a tile floor! If you need anything else answered I would be happy to help.

Michael B. from OH —
I was able to add a shower, bathroom sink, and slopsink

We had a difficult situation in our basement as we were below the sewer line and the Saniflo system worked perfect. I was able to add a shower, bathroom sink, and slopsink in a relatively small amount of space. We were also able to add the dehumidifier into the sysetem. No more emptying the dehumidifier by hand! Thanks Quality!

joseph c. from NY —
I have had no problems after 1 year.

I installed the Saniflo system in the basement of my house. I hooked a sink, shower, and toilet up to it. I installed it behind a corrugate metal wall. (The bathroom is an old time laundry room theme). It was an easy hookup. I have had no problems after 1 year. I have recommended this to friends.

casey from IL —
It works great!

We installed our saniflow system behind a wall and hooked up a toilet as well as a bathroom and Kitchen sink to it. It has been in operation for about 3 years now and we have had absolutely no problems with it. It works great! It was fairly easy to install and the instructions were pretty straight forward. Note that the discharge to our septic tank is above the ceiling of the basement bathroom. We had to get up about 8 feet in order to discharge waste. The wall the toilet and sink are on is actually the side of a stairway into a basement. We were able to tuck the business part of the unit under there. On the other side of the stairway we put a small kitchen with that draining into the unit as well. In any case we really like it. Using the Saniflow made the entire project affordable and the scope of the project manageable.

John D. from MI —
The Saniflo toilet is excellent. We've had it a couple months now and no problems.

The Saniflo toilet is excellent. We've had it a couple months now and no problems. We needed to use an extender through the wall for our specific dimensions, with the pump behind a wall, so we used a plumber to do the job rather than my usual DIY approach. It's worth the money, and the price and shipping charge from Quality Bath was competitive.

Jim S. from NC —
I was thrilled with the ease of installation

We purchased a Saniflo Saniplus several months ago for a Bathroom located below our wasteline. I was thrilled with the ease of installation which was definitely aided by your though instruction manual. However, the real pleasure was due to the extension pipe which allowed us to place the masticator pump behind the wall. This reduced the noise from the pump and resulted in a full bathroom installation that gives no hint that it is a pump-operated system. Thank you so much for the care that has gone into producing a top-quality product.

Frank M. S. from NY —
works flawlessly

Our Saniflo system has worked flawlessly since installation. We have a toilet, shower and sink hooked up in a basement setting and the set up and installation were relatively simple for a handyman homeowner.

Randy from GA —
not happy with design

(1) The ejector elbow on the pump box needs to be more heavy-duty. It flexs alot and the clamp is inadequate.  (2) Also the tiolet bowl splashes while being used and does not clean itself leaving marks after use.  Both of these should not happen with a product that cost nearly $1000- !!

Steven from MD —
I am pleased with this unit and would recommend it to others.

I have had the saniflow pump installed and in use for about nine months now.We have a split level and we used the pump on the bottom level ( which is below the sewer level ) to install a totally new bathroom, we have the toilet,sink,shower and tub hooked to it. I am pleased with this unit and would recommend it to others.

Steve from PA —
system we installed 2 years ago is GREAT!

The system we installed 2 years ago is GREAT! It installed easier then expected and there have been no problems with it. My installation was to add a Toilet, bathroom sink and a bar sink to our basement. We wanted to so this while preserving ALL of our head space (Being in a basement every inch is important). We have a septic system where the discharge pipe to our Septic tanks are significantly above the floor of the basement. The install collected waste from the multiple locations and lifted it above the discharge line and then into the main line to our septic system. In our case we put the unit behind a wall (Into a closeted area) so from the bathroom you only see the toilet and sink. PS we were so happy with your products that my son used one of them when he did a remodel last summer. He was putting a toilet on a secound floor/attic and did not want to put a lot of plumbing below the floor. Instead he elected to put it behind a wall into an area which was not being used as livable space. The rear discharge toilet did a really good job.

John from MI —
I have already recommended this to friends and family.

I put a bathroom in a basement.  I hid the pump behind a corrugated metal wall and added the extension to the toilet.  I ran a shower and sink to the pump.  It works great.  It extremely easy to hookup with all of the different hose clamps, boots, etc.  I have already recommended this to friends and family.

Casey from IL —
I would highly recommend the Saniflo system.

We built a detached garage 50 feet from the house, and 85 feet from the septic system. We wanted to add a bathroom, but found the traditional set-up would be too much trouble, maybe impossible. The Saniflo toilet was a good choice. It works great. Plus we've added a shower and a lavatory. The pumps helps get the waste to the distant septic tank. We didn't have to bust the concrete floor and stem wall to route a 3" drain line. My wife was worried that the toilet would be some cheap plastic thing, but was very happy to see that it was attractive porcelain. I would highly recommend the Saniflo system, and I'm think about buying other Saniflo products.

Barry from AZ —
We were pleasantly surprised with the product and the ease of installation.

We purchased a Saniflo Saniplus toilet recently. We are very pleased with this product. It was very easy to install with minimum DIY skills. The instructions were very easy to follow. We installed the saniflo in a new bathroom in our basement. We drained a lavatory and bathtub into the macerator tank. We were pleasantly surprised with the product and the ease of installation.

Dennis and Rose from SD —

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