Descaler Cleanser

Black Friday! Extra 5% off all Saniflo products
Sale ends November 30, 2015, 9:00 AM
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4 Reviews

Descaler Cleanser

Black Friday! Extra 5% off all Saniflo products
Sale ends November 30, 2015, 9:00 AM
$36.55    — 5% =  $34.72

No sales tax outside NJ

4 Reviews

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Item Description

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Model Number052

"For Trouble Free Maintenance"

In The United States about 2 out of 3 dwellings are supplied with hard or very hard water.
As with other domestic appliances limescale accumulation can affect the operational efficiency of your Saniflo unit.

  • Specifically created for use with all Saniflo products
  • Cleans + Disinfects
  • Protect and Prolong the life of your Saniflo unit by regular descaling of moving parts and casing.
  • Regular descaling and cleansing with specially formulated SANIFLO descaler
  • Laboratory formulated with phosphoric acid
  • Concentrated solution for optimum cleaning power
  • Harmless to septic tank operation
  • Security cap protection: push down and twist to open

Instructions for use:

  • Disconnect the unit from the electrical supply.
  • For macerators: Pour half of the contents into the toilet bowl.
  • For gray water pumps: Pour half of the contents into the sink or fixture
    that is connected to the pump.
  • Let the solution work for about 3 hours.
  • Reconnect the unit to the electrical supply.
  • Flush the toilet twice or let water into the pump for rinsing.

How often should you descale?
Hardness of water depends on where you live in the US and weather you have a water softener for your water supply.

Very hard water areas: every month
Hard water areas: every three months
Soft water areas: every six months

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Saniflo   052   Reviews

This item currently has 4  reviews

I have been using Quality Bath Descaler as needed since 2009. This is a fabulous product for my Saniflow toilet and the results last an incredibly long time. Ordering the product is very easy on-line and delivery is within 2 days. I am very grateful Quality Bath is out there for me to use and I'd like to thank them.

Sue from NY —

I have been very happy with the saniflo unit.........had it over 3 great and has met all expectations....5star

michael a from MA —
Appears to work

I used the product a couple of times. I have a Sangrind system so I have a "normal" non-Saniflo toilet. The product just sits in the toilet then flushes through the system. I thought the product would sit in the Sanigrind instead of the toilet so I contacted Saniflo. They told me to dump the entire gallon in the toilet then the pressure would get it to the Sanigrind. The support team also said I could place the product down the sink drain or add the product thought the vent on the Sanigrind. I think I'll try that next time. Overall I think it helps!

Steve from PA —

The product removed the rust stains very well, but I could not get the blue color of the product out of the bowl.

James from WI —
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